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An amazing experiment

An amazing experiment with “Mind Power” : Electromagnetic flux another name of miracle

Power of telepathy and mind is not new. When people read minds and communicate with others without actually using any of the human communication methods, we call it telepathy.

In New Delhi psychiatrists performed a very strange experiment with the mind power and communication techniques. They found that when mind is concentrated to a dot and then applied to perform any function, miracles could happen.

When will power and mind concentration is applied, intense electromagnetic flux is created. This energy form is live and can quickly get mobilized to perform miracles.

According to the mind scientists, those who can create miracle are not really hoax. They can create intense electromagnetic flux with mind concentration. The electromagnetic flux in turn can create the energy domain that can be used to drive any action.

For example, according to this theory, a human being can easily focus, concentrate and stare at a clock and move its hands to forward or reverse time. One may say it is hoax till they find no manipulation. But according to the new scientific theory, mind concentration can create the necessary pool of electromagnetic flux around the clock. Then the electromagnetic flux is used to drive the clock forward or backward.

The psychics are not hoax either. They can also create the energy flux and use to someone’s advantage. The only anomaly lies in understanding how to use the flux to perform a function.

Religious leaders in the past had mastered this spiritual technique. We today, struggle with the same.


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