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Another earth

Another earth in the making? Evidence of Extraterrestrial UFOs influencing creation of another earth with intelligent life forms

The first evidence of another earth forming around a star similar to our sun shows how intelligent life forms are created in rocky planets. NASA's orbiting Spitzer Space Telescope has found evidence of a massive asteroid belt around a "twin" of our own sun. The star, dubbed HD69830, is some 41 light-years away. According to Space researchers, this star is very “close” to us.

According to some researchers, this is the zone, where another intelligent civilization is being created. Spitzer Space Telescope found the asteroid belt because of heavy collision. But it could not find any earth like planet in that zone. Scientists and Extraterrestrial researchers say that is very obvious. An Earth like rocky planet will be bombarded in that environment with asteroids bouncing on it all the time. But what normally happens is that, the rocky planet is never in that zone with such heavy cosmic dust. The planet is slowly brought in there after the asteroid belt cools down. The asteroid belt actually over time provides the necessary protective cover for the delicate planet to develop life forms – eventually intelligent life forms.

This kind of asteroid belts around a star like ours have heavy cosmic dusts die to ongoing collision at this time. The collision will eventually subside down and the cosmic dust will provide the protection against solar radiation and other protection needed to protect the delicate atmosphere.

Some researchers believe that it is the construction site where eventually the rocky planet will be formed from all the components. It may show eventually how the extraterrestrials of higher order are creating another earth like “Intergalactic Colony”.


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