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Birth of Black Hole

Birth of Black Hole opening a window to the Hyperspace massive energy release equals what our Sun will emit in 10-billion-year lifetime

The astronomers and scientists observed what was spectacular and totally unexpected. A window to the Hyperspace was opened in the outer edge of the Universe. The amount of energy emitted in the Black Hole formation in a few minutes as a massive star died was enormous more than what our Sun will emit in 10 billion years.

The opening to the Hyperspace was classic. The opening and the resultant gravity provide our universe the structural strength. The gravity is the suction wave of the Hyperspace through the Black hole.

The most distant cosmic explosion on record: a gamma-ray burst that has come from the edge of the visible Universe.

Gamma-ray bursts are intense flares of high-energy radiation that appear without warning from across the cosmos.

The blast was observed by the Swift space telescope and by a number of ground-based observatories.

The latest, record gamma-ray burst was detected on 4 September, 2005, and lasted about three minutes.

Another major highway out to the Hyperspace is established for inter universe commerce and travel.

What is amazing is the amount of energy that dissipated within the cosmos. The opening to Hyperspace provides the means of energy bursts in the 3-D Universe. It just provides a little idea the amount of energy is emitted and absorbed from the Hyperspace when the universes experience big bangs and when they eventually become inactive or explode due to challenge in spatial structures from another Universe.

The openings created by the Black hole in the outer age of the visible universe into the Hyperspace are utilized by massive UFOs traveling from the Hyperspace to physical universe and vice versa.


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