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Employment Spell

Employment Spell

Mix in a bowl:
1/2 tsp.. Each.
Cinnamon, Nut Meg,
Mint, & Basil
Mix enough Olive oil or Bayberry, or Mint oil to make a mixture.
Take three new Green candles anoint each one with the mixture
from bottom to iddle and top to middle.

This spell can be done and is most powerful from 4 days prior to the Full
Moon all the way up to the Evening of the Full Moon.

Either open a window or place them outside... Works best with outside
element under the Moon.

1. Empower each candle by holding them and forcing the power from your hands
into each one.
2. Then place each of the candles down in a triangle position.
3. Take sea salt (Table Salt will also work)and drop the salt on the outside of the
candles, so that it looks like a white triangle outside the candles.
4. Place a hand drawn picture of a Pentacle, done also in green.(use a
crayon, it works best) In the middle.

Now you are ready to begin
Light each candle in clockwise position.
Repeat as you light each Candle:

Employment I seek (position desired) now within reach.
Bring to me prosperity.
By the light of this flame bring (position desired) to me.
As I light each wick so mote it be that I meat my
desire and needed destiny.

Let the candles burn and contemplate putting your best foot forward in
your interview. Know you will be filled with confidence.
Carry the Paper Pentacle in your right shoe.
Note: If you are left handed wear it in your Left shoe.


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