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Dispel grudges and have successful meetings

Dispel grudges and have successful meetings

If you have a difficult meeting coming up, or you need to put problems with your work colleagues behind you, this ritual will help. It will free your mind of irrelevant grudges,
and enable you to remain calm for any ordeal ahead. In Native American meetings, or councils, the members sac m a circle to show that, like the spokes of a wheel, every
member’s input was of equal value. At the start of a council, prayers were spoken and the sacred peace pipe shared. The aim of the council was to put the whole tribe back in balance rather then apportions guilt: no one should judge another person without "walking in their moccasins.”

You will need

A symbol of your work or grudge, or a pen and paper
Some sage leaves
2 feathers
Some string


Find a symbol of your work, for example a business card, or of the grudge. If you cannot find a suitable symbol, write a description of your work or the grudge on a small piece of
paper. A short while before you go to the meeting, wipe your face and hands with the sage; it is a powerful purifier. At the same time, close your eyes, think about the meeting or grudge, and let go of any preconceived ideas or worries you may have. Put the symbol of your work or grudge, one feather, and the sage leaves together, and binds them with string. Do this with a positive frame of mind, then bury the bundle in the ground, leaving the past behind. Put the remaining feather into a pocket or bag and take it into the meeting with you. Touch it whenever you need to restore your balance, or talk, at the meeting.


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