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Minds and souls keep communicating even after death

Minds and souls keep communicating even after death

Minds are a powerful and silent communication tool. The soul keeps communicating with other souls. The subconscious communication with minds of other living beings is well proven. But what scientists have uncovered is really startling. People, animals and plants communicate with each other when they are living. After death the subconscious communication still continues. Even after reincarnation, the soul can continue to communicate like before from the parallel universe.

Multidimensional time allows one soul and mind to coexist in multiple forms. That leads to the fact one soul can reincarnate and at the same time keep communicate to itself and others from the parallel universe.

The communication that takes place through the subconscious mind happens through higher dimension spatial structures. Attempts to understand and decode the subconscious spatial structures cannot be possible from the physical universe.

Minds and souls of beings communicate without any regard to the boundary of the physical universe. The parallel universe allows unlimited parallel time dimensions. That makes one soul to coexist in many layers of physical universe and also in future and past time specs.

This is the reason why scientists are finding that people communicate to their pets even when they are not at home. The biggest surprise comes after the pets die. Some with a little psychic capabilities feel that the pet is constantly communicate with them. In many cases people realize after the death of the pet how much they communicated with the pet in their subconscious mind. All living beings communicate during life and after death with each other. The mental communication through the subconscious mind does not follow any boundary or time dimension. The communication is channeled through the parallel universes.


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