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Cosmic Law Petition

Cosmic Law Petition

The first thing to understand under this Law is that energy, which is
the basis of all existence, is manipulated by thought. Thought in the
form of a solemn request, or prayer, influences energy and is "received"
throughout the universe, reaching all entities as well as the

Ascended Masters, Spirit Beings of Light, Archangels, Angelic Hosts,
personal Guides, and nature spirits, are among the unseen entities that
one may petition. Author Joseph J. Weed, in his book "Wisdom of the
Mystic Masters" (1988), said it's wise to focus a petition where it's
most beneficial;

"...when we turn our attention to
entities of a higher vibratory rate,
we receive energy."

Positive petitioning to higher vibrations of "Light" consciousness is
commonly known as prayer, or reverent request for assistance all the way
to the Source, and results in positive benefits as told in sacred

"Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find."

The focus and intensity of a petition may make a difference in the
measure of its benefits, but it should be understood that even the
request that a person believes has "not been answered" has been answered
by the fact of "no response". Higher consciousness of Light does not
give assistance which is inappropriate.

An individuals trust in "faith" undergoes a major test here, since the
process of receiving assistance may also involve a delay in time, or it
may come in some form other than what was requested or anticipated. A
petition for material assistance may be answered with information.

Meditation, or quieting the intellect, is the most direct means of
"hearing" the answer to a petition, but it may also come through a
"knowing", if it doesn't appear in a very obvious material way.

The bottom line is, assistance from the highest realms of Light awaits
humanity's solemn request to manifest Heaven on Earth. And one of the
most important aspects of this effort is establishing an AUTHENTIC
CONSTITUTION in harmony with all Cosmic Laws.


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