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Achieving technical capabilities of alien

Achieving technical capabilities of alien UFOs - creating artificial wormholes in ionosphere to traverse into the parallel universe

Einstein’s theory of relativity works like a charm in the physical universe but fails completely the parallel universes of higher dimensions.

Recently in many countries the scientists are working on bombarding the earth’s ionosphere with very high intensity energy (millions or billions of watts) to create a charged ion environment. Some of these experiments are providing some astonishing results. According to these scientists, the high energy level in the ionosphere can open up something unprecedented only achieved by the advanced alien civilizations – wormholes. These wormholes with sufficient energy to keep them open, actually lead to the parallel universes of higher dimensions.

When a physical entity enters these wormholes they move to the core with acceleration due to gravity, then come to a halt, and finally accelerate out to the parallel universe of spatial structures. Unless the wormholes are specially processed and manipulated the physical entity looses all physical attributes at the core, which simulates the point of singularity. The transformed entity in a higher dimension recognizable by its spatial characteristics and spatial reference points then moves into the parallel universe.

If a probe is sent through such wormholes, it will stop sending signals after reaching the core of the tunnel and come to a halt. Through the parallel universe though the entity can traverse time and space instantaneously. Then comes the real challenge where the aliens really are way ahead of our civilization – they know how to transform back to physical entities in another wormhole leading back to our physical universe.

Creating the wormhole, recognizing its existence, keeping it open with enormous energy is not easy. But that is where science and technologies will lead us to in the coming hundred years. According to some researchers, the transformation from physical to parallel universe entities happens automatically once the wormhole is programmed to carry an entity out to a parallel universe. And the reverse is also true while coming back to this side. In other words once we can create a wormhole and program the same to connect the physical and parallel universe, we do not have too much.

Programming a wormhole is not easy. It can be programmed from the parallel universe easily but from this side it will be a classical challenge in terms of numerical analysis.

However, advancement in computational algorithms and processing powers will allow us to solve the complex equations and program the wormholes.


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