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Advanced alien civilizations

Advanced alien civilizations are capable of traveling from physical to parallel universes by artificially accelerating the time dimension

In the physical universe time is a moving dimension called the fourth dimension. But advanced alien civilizations are capable of creating or simulating a meta-physical universe that allows time to work as an accelerating vector. Very strange and astonishing results can be obtained if time dimension is allowed to accelerate in the space.

If we trace the path of a photon on a space-time diagram, the only way for a photon to remain stationary in space-time is to move at the speed of light, or to keep up with the expanding time dimension.

But what happens to the photon if time dimension is not only moving at the speed of light but is actually made to accelerate further?

According to Einsteinís theory the time rate of change of the spatial dimensions in our physical universe relative to the time rate of change of the time dimension is equal to the velocity of light.

But what really happens if time dimension is allowed to accelerate. The net result is that an entity can fall back from the physical universe and merge into the parallel universe. That is fascinating. Because that is what happens to advanced civilizations that knows how live an immortal life in the parallel universe and once in a while hover around the physical universe.

This is also provides the clue to how one can go past the point of simulated singularity in the black hole to the other side and reach the wormholes connecting to the network of intergalactic travel and passage to the parallel universe.

Some scientists now believe that after death, the electromagnetic spatial source of energy or the soul just moves through a tunnel of decelerating time to end up to the white light which represents the entry to the parallel universe.

According to researchers in this field an advanced civilization can achieve immortality by being able to access the physical and parallel universe any time. Most probably that is what happens when we are born and when we die. But technology of accelerating time or decelerating time will allow us within the physical universe to access and move in and out of parallel universe. What happens now is that we are able to move in and out from parallel universe but not so from physical universe. Currently as we enter the physical universe, we are programmed to return back to the parallel universe at the end of our lives. But with advanced technology aliens of higher orders and we in future will be able to move in and out of parallel universe whenever we like.

That may be one of the reasons, Extraterrestrial UFO crashes happens, are documented, but cannot be ever proved because the aliens decelerate time to take the whole thing back to parallel universe.


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