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Earth, Alcyone and the Photon Belt

Earth, Alcyone and the Photon Belt

The Cosmic Love Affair

Great Spirit moved throughout the vast and infinite universe gathering information, sensing frequencies and amassing energy. Imagine, if you will, a very lonely soul; somewhat of a Hermit, who longed for companionship and interaction; whose contribution to a day was a restless shifting of harnessed, creative power. In this manner, Great Spirit moved continuously, caressing the boundless star system with cerulean light.

If you, dear listener, have ever longed to hold a soul mate in your arms - to taste the salt of their tears, then you will know what Great Spirit felt when the Blue Jewel, Earth, in her 25,860 year orbit of Alcyone, moved into the photon belt for the first time. No other light in all the star systems had matched the cerulean blue of its own. Yet there, orbiting a huge sun, was a tiny frail planet radiating the same blue and green light as the Great Spirit. However, there was an obvious difference - Great Spirit was not solid mass but rather a formless expanse much like a star. The Blue Jewel was boiling lava, solid rock, living soil, huge bodies of water, atmosphere and glorious life; an absolute thrum of harmonic frequencies. The coloratura of these frequencies was such that Great Spirit swelled three fold. Great Spirit's intoxication was so instant and exhalted that a huge vortex of pure elation shot towards the tiny planet penetrating her atmosphere. The Blue Jewel sensed the inrush of energy and met the curious thrust with breathless wonder. Not sure of its source she announced, " It is I, Earth, welcome. From Dawn's first moment I have been here waiting."

For two thousand years they danced and sang together as One. Ah yes, what a glorious time for Earth and Great Spirit. Great Spirit, via Spirit, experienced all sensation; cold, brisk waves upon a finned back, freedom of wind flight, summer's heat and winter's bite, colors that changed with the flux of light and rotation, swift beasts, heartbeats, nectar, scent, touch, vision and vibration. The pulse of every addiction we have experienced is what Great Spirit enjoyed. Earth became radiant in the ALL permeating glow of Great Spirit's jubilant explorations. The increase in atomic activity created rapid evolutionary processes to occur. Genetic shifts touched the promise of creation.

Two species eventually attracted Spirit's intense curiosity. The first were the sea-going mammals for they communicated most effectively through sound and vibration. The second were the upright land-going mammals for they were quizzical and aware of Spirits presence. Great Spirit and Earth eventually felt the pull of their imminent separation. Such was their sorrow that the echoes are still heard in the songs of the heavens. For even they were at the mercy of motion and time.

Great Spirit gathered all the forces of Spirit and created what was to be the eternal connection to the gentle Blue Jewel; an upright being of pure light and subtle mass; whose skin was sensitive to vibration, whose mind was quick and bright and who, surely, if given the choice between creation and destruction, would choose creation. Great Spirit formed them in the perfect image of those who would Love the little Blue Jewel eternally; of those who would, in their remembering, understand the gentle whispers of their Mother Earth as she cried soulfully to be reunited with Great Spirit. And through this connection, the common thread of Spirit that first wove them into being, would their Love exist. And yet, dear listener, as every gardener knows, the planting of seed remains a mystery until we witness the growth.

For thousands of years the People celebrated the Earth, her cycles, her wonders. They celebrated the Heavens and understood the connection and their own Creation. All Life was revered and respected. They took what they needed with humble regard for the gift and the opportunity. As Earth's orbit of the life giving Sun pulled her farther from the belt further changes took place. The further away they spun, the weaker the remembering became until these beings of light became a mere remnant of Great Spirit's love.

At her furthest point of orbit from Alcyone, something within the Earth's grid snapped. Connection to the Source was all but lost. A spiritual darkness descended as Earth's children struggled to make sense. Seismic activity within Earth's core increased. Whole civilizations ceased to exist. This did not go without notice in the Celestial Realms and many enlightened ones visited Earth in an effort to help the Children reconnect to the Source. As a result there were periods in time when huge waves of consciousness permeated the planet but could not resist the challenges and choices of Power.

Thousands of People cut their connection to the Earth and turned their eyes to the Heavens. So minuscule was their remembering that only a small quiet voice inside could be heard. They looked for the Father and turned from the Mother. They chopped away at the very Tree of Life which connected them to both. Their greed drove them to tear at the Mother's breast and to leave no stone unturned in their hunger for Order and Power. They built false temples to Honor Themselves. These fallen ones destroyed all that celebrated life. They attempted to sweep, Joy, Light, Love, Laughter, Autonomy, Sovereignty, Sensuality, Sexuality, Creativity and Peace from the face of the Blue Jewel. Soon, the two partners in creativity, man and women, were separated in Spirit. Remarkably, a few of the Tribes remained, for hundreds of years more, untarnished by the fallen ones. The Earth Tribes; you know who they were. Their skin remained of a color closer to the living soil they inhabited. One by One they too began to experience the separation.

Somewhere in the Heavens, Earth's call of distress was heard and relayed to the Great Spirit. Huge stars fell from its form like diamond teardrops. Great Spirit's sadness was nearly as boundless as it.

The Councils gathered; Twelve Ancient ones gathered, their light forms shimmering and quaking. Together they sent further distress calls to all of the Galactic Councils within their range. The clear message was that Earth's Grid was damaged and her solar system was on its return orbit towards Acylone. If She attempted re-entry into the belt without repairs to the Grid then She would burn. In memory of the celebration of Great Spirit's Love for the Blue Jewel, those who could assist were sent forward to Earth to prepare all life forms for entry into the belt. For until Earth was near the rim of the belt, few other life forms would be able to make contact with her or her People.

As Earth shot towards the belt great works began taking place. Memory of the Source became more accessible and Spirit grew once more presence. Talk of Love and Peace drove the fallen ones to new lengths of destruction. People everywhere heard the weeping of the Earth. Eye met eye and heart met heart. Recognition flooded the little Blue Jewel.

The Lightworkers made repairs to the Earth's Grid using energy from planetary alignments. And technology sped forward to prepare the connections. The final alignments would require multitudes of people, the Earth over, to join together and ground the initial surge of photon light into the Earth's core so that her vibration would once more be able to absorb that of the belt.


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