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Alien life forms

Alien life forms in other Universes and Hyperspace are totally unknown to our civilization

The Hyperspace is teeming with many other Universes. In the Hyperspace and other Universes many other alien life forms and their civilizations prosper. The make up of the Hyperspace and the other Universes are so different, it will be almost impossible that the aliens living there will resemble us or anything remotely close to beings in the Physical Universe.

Most like these aliens living in the Hyperspace and other Universes are advanced technologically many hundred times than us. They are much more spiritual and uses mind more than anything. Communication is done through projection of mind. Most likely the physical bodies do not exist. They can take the shape of beings in the Physical Universe and visit our universe. They can recycle their visit in terms of longer stays in the Physical Universe.

The life forms in higher dimensional universes and the Hyperspace may be just electromagnetic energy that stays as a cohesive energy and is indestructible. These life forms are immortal who from time to time use natural means of getting into Physical beings and visit the Physical Universe.

The higher spatial dimensions do not allow a 3-D Body. But it allows a cohesive and comprehensive energy source as the life form. The life form may even gain more energy by performing repeated visit to other universes including the Physical Universe.

These life forms definitely live in multidimensional time mode. The same entity can coexist in earth, the hyperspace and some other higher dimensional universes at the same time. Even these life forms can exist in multitude multiple existences contributing towards one instance of life. Like any other civilization, they have a specified hierarchy and divided roles in civilizations. What is fascinating is that these life forms are really immortal and can take shape of Physical existence in the Physical Universe.

These alien civilizations are able to watch closely what their counterparts in Physical Universe are doing. They can monitor us, control us and indirectly communicate with us.


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