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The Aliens

The Aliens

From life on Mars, to little green men, to the commonly known "GREY" alien. There is a connection!

How many alien races exist? It's hard to say, but one thing is absolutely certain. At least one of those is visiting the human race, on a daily, casual basis. There are skeptics out there, who will sway you from this. History has taught us, that without skeptics, research, planning, discovery, and acceptance never happen. Usually, and unfortunately for the skeptics, they are all of a sudden wrong. Because honest skepticism is ok, and a normal thing, we do not point fingers at these people. Until discovery is made, we shun them and disregard them. We should thank them, however, for they are the reason we continue to prove them wrong.

What you are about to read, comes from a man who wanted the truth to be known. This is a man who risked his life to get the information you are about to read. His name was Joseph Mariliantatra, and he was the original founder of the RISKERS organization. He is deceased, but his stories live on, and his heart is with many. I must warn you, what you are about to read may be shocking, and even frightening to some. It is not meant that way, and, according to Joe, not a bad thing in any way. Please read the entire article, even if you disagree with it, in the first few sentences. A learning process cannot happen if you do not study all of the facts.

Joe believed that the most common race of aliens visiting us, were the aliens most often referred to as the "GREYS." These aliens, as pictured in image D1, seem to be the most common kind seen, known, and talked about.

Joe called them the "NORDACREKS." This is not to be confused with the "Nordics", used in other discussions. Joe said this was one of the easiest ways to pronounce their race in the English language, without using Latin as a base. Other variations of this aliens name include; Zeta, Clarala, and some others that I have yet to prove 'proper' in correlation with other names.

Joe, unlike some others, believed that this race of aliens was a friendly one. I, myself, have had experiences that would back up his claim, and have no reason to refute him. What I have learned to be true, is that it is our very own government that has allowed us to believe otherwise.

The following are excerpts from Joe, and some information I have received from him over the past few years:

The interesting thing is, we are not native to this planet either. As a matter of fact, our very own race comes from another world. It is another world in our solar system, but it is not earth. Long ago, events occurred on that world, that would have caused the entire extinction of mankind, had action not been taken. These events, while cataclysmic and destructive, were inevitable. Our race had grown to be very intelligent, and about 100 years ahead of where we are today. At that time, our race already had contact with races from other worlds. These were not simple space travelers, however. They were, and still are exceptional, and dynamic beings, thousands of years ahead of our evolution.

These beings call themselves NORDACREKS, most commonly referred to by humankinds as "GREYS." Much of the human race is afraid of these beings, and for no other reason than our own government. Our government has hidden and suppressed their existence, since our first "modern day" contact in the early 1900's. Our first contact came for one reason, and one reason alone. Our track record of destroying ourselves, and the environment that holds us all together. I am not talking about tree-hugging, and dolphin saving, I am talking about common sense and humanity.

These beings tried to tell our government what they were doing, and what it was doing to their future, and their childrens future. Our government ignored the warning, ignored the signs, and ignored their new found friends. Instead, they continued to blow off nuclear bombs in the stratosphere, leak chemicals harmful to all living creatures, and lie to the people about doing it. Nuclear bombs, explosions, and chemicals in space and within our atmosphere, destroy the inter-dimensional plane that is required for existence. Additionally, it causes death through cancer. I found the cure for cancer, and it is more simple than previously believed. It is called abstinence. Abstinence from destruction, and demolition.

As we continued to destroy it, events started to change. As this "plane" becomes more and more faulted, "dimensional crossover" occurs. What we call UFO's, are simple forms of travel for other forms of life. Imagine if there were another plane, where nothing existed but native tribesman, and all of a sudden a BMW 325i came ripping through the jungle, then disappeared. This vehicle would appear strange, and not have any logical meaning to these people. The same applies when we see a UFO. It makes no sense to us, but on another world, it is the major mode of transportation. This is the same concept as things like the Bermuda Triangle, the Philadelphia Experiment, and the fictional TV show, Sliders.

Because the NORDACREKS created the being we know as 'human' today, they have a vested interest in preserving not only our world, but theirs. Through hybridization, and DNA construction, they were able to preserve a race that is close to them. This is a hard belief to understand for many peoples minds. It is outrageous, and not logical in many ways. In other ways, it is very logical. The GREYS had an abundance of one thing, and a lacking of another. They had the brain, and lacked the brawn. They knew that if they were to continue their race, it could not be done in the same realm as it existed then. They knew of the mistakes, and knew that their creation had to be placed at a point in evolution that would enable them to be relieved from many of the struggles that would come if they began too late, or too early in that evolutionary chain. They were wrong in the end after all.

Now our current race comes under attack from our worst enemy; ourselves. The GREYS know that they made a mistake, and needed to 're-work' their creation. This is the reason that abductions and sightings have continued, and grown larger over the past 20 years. One thing still holds true, they are being done without authorization from the government. The GREYS did make a mistake, however. In 1947, two new hybrid pilots crashed in Roswell, NM. It gave the government a chance to study, and understand the new creation. It also gave them new leverage to stop it. The GREYS continue to work on this plan more and more, and soon this realization will be here.

The movie "Visitors in the Night", is a movie I recommend to anyone. It is one of the "closest to real" accounts of what is going on.

The hybrids that are being created today, from abductions and new DNA construction do not have a name, they are 'human.' They are a more intelligent race than what exists in our general population, and they have more brawn. This, another attempt at creating a race to survive them, is not definite either. The hybrids are born as close to human format, and natural child birth as possible. They are truly beautiful creatures, and a race I would be proud to be a part of. Many have said, "THIS IS LIKE THE NAZI'S" Trying to create a SUPER-RACE is wrong, and not acceptable. I agree with that, but a SUPER-RACE is not what is being aimed for. It is a race that can survive, and continue to exist in peace, and beauty. A race that has a higher awareness of humankind, as well as spirituality. The concern goes away, when we consider that this race will not be living among us, on this world. It is not a plan for integration, or separation. It is a plan for continued existence. We have just reached a point, where we are able to do similar things. We can now clone mammals, possibly humans. It is unfair to judge them on this, when we have been putting millions into doing it for 30 years.
That is all for now. This is very controversial information, so I do not want to overload anybody. Before you go away saying "this is garbage," open your mind for just a few hours, and ponder this closer. At least take one night to keep it in an open mind, and then make your decision in the morning. Base this decision on FACTS alone, not spiritual beliefs. You might be surprised.


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