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Extraterrestrial aliens of type III or IV

Extraterrestrial aliens of type III or IV civilization capable of tapping the Hyperspace to create new solar systems

Very advanced alien civilizations that have successfully colonized the Hyperspace the hyper dimensional space beyond our 3-D universe are capable of creating new solar systems and habitable planets using gravity and electromagnetic radiation from the Hyperspace.

In order to create a solar system form the reminder of an aftermath of a supernova in the physical universe, you need a tremendous amount of energy that is almost impossible to imagine in terrestrial terms. But countless baby solar systems with habitable planets similar to earth fill the universe. Not all of them are natural.

According to scientists, some of these solar systems are controlled, guided and monitored by the type III or IV alien civilizations.

It is possible that we are part of a type III or type IV civilization who created the planet earth to recycle their ZPEs - zero point energies (what we know as indestructible energy in the Hyperspace and the physical Universe and manifests as life) in a controlled environment. The recycling of the ZPEs provides a mechanism to elevate the structural capabilities of the ZPEs. The ZPEs finally attain a state where they can exist in the Chilled Universe that is even below zero degree Kelvin and has no energy or quantum waves. Collectively the ZPEs that can exist in the chilled or flat universe below the Hyperspace becomes totally indestructible because the chilled universe is permanent the Hyperspace is not. When these ZPEs become part of the chilled universe, they can control and monitor the formation of Hyperspaces, universes within Hyperspaces and all contained within Universes.

According to some hynotherapists who practice regression and progression, some people under hypnosis have recalled the past life. Some interestingly recalled that the past life was in a different planet. This just confirms that if we are part of a type III or type IV alien civilization living in the Hyperspace, earth is not the only place that the ZPEs can recycle. The ZPEs most likely recycle in many planets in different parts of the Universe.

The advanced alien civilizations are able to artificially create planets like earth with everything just right for supporting recycling ZPEs or life with the help of energy tapped from the Hyperspace. With the help of resource from the Hyperspace, they engineer the planets and the solar systems just exactly right for recycling the ZPEs from the Hyperspace.


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