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India was startled by four reports last week which appeared to confirm the rumors of a large underground base staffed by extraterrestrials in the Ladakh region of the Himalayas.

In New Delhi, India's capital, a senior officer of the Indian Army told freelance journalist Subha Jain that aliens were indeed in the Himalayas.

In Bangalore, a recently-retired officer of the Indian Air Force described the underground base to his youngest son's elementary school class and said aliens had met with high-ranking officials of India's government.

In Leh, a city in the Ladakh region, a local official confirmed that the Indian Army had moved armored brigades into the area and was limiting access to civilian residents and tourists.

In Joshimath, another Ladakh town, workers at an auto repair shop claim they witnessed a strange broadcast on their Chinese-made miniature black-and-white television set.

"According to Subha Jain, a freelance reporter in New Delhi, she bumped into a very senior military official in a nightclub in New Delhi. According to him, the extraterrestrials have been visiting India and the rest of the world for thousands of years."

"In recent years, most of the super-powers have been visited. India is no exception."

"'They always make contact through the ground radar stations run by the military,' she says."

"The Himalayas and Ladakh is where they have made their most recent contact. They want to let Indians know the rules and regulations of the multidimensional universe."

"India is planning an unmanned moon and later an advanced unmanned Mars expedition. India's Space Research Organisation (SRO) has been given the galactic do's and don't's."

"Last week, a flight commodore of the Indian Air Force (IAF), who recently retired, was asked to provide a little talk to his youngest son's class at a school in Bangalore."

"Guess what he picked as a topic? Yes, you got it right. It was the advanced landing base for UFOs in Ladakh."

"He started by saying new technology is evolving, and new advancements are being made in Aerospace. The students started questioning him on different aspects of these new technologies and where this technology came from. At that moment, he began giving a vivid description of the landing base."

"Surrounded by two of the world's highest mountain ranges, the Himalayas and the Karakorams, the region lies athwart two others--the Ladakh range and the Lanskar range. Residents live at altitudes ranging from 2,750 meters (9,000 feet) at Kargil to 7,672 meters (25,170 feet) at Saser Kangri in the Karakorams. In summer, temperatures rarely exceed 27 degrees Celsius, while in winter they plummet to minus 20 degrees Celsius, even in Leh."

"In Leh, Ladakh (region), according to Tsering Spalzang, a senior official, paranormal activities are happening with regard to the buildup of the Indian Army" in the region.

"These are zones that the Indian Army and Indian Air Force block for security reasons. The Ladakh valley has been heavily secured by the Indian government. It is a 'sensitive area' and no one is allowed to enter from either the Indian side or the Chinese side."

"According to some in New Delhi, UFOs have made contact with high-ranking officials of the Indian government. The government was initially baffled, not knowing how to react. Later, things became quiet, and it seems that everyone understands that the extraterrestrials are friendly."

Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda, UFO Roundup correspondent in India, reported, "I am trying to learn more about a strange incident that occurred in Joshimath. This is a town some 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of Badrinath, a pilgrimage site sacred to Hindu rishis (holy men). A family was working on an automobile engine at their repair shop. They had a small, battery-powered Chinese B & W (black-and-white) television set. Reception is very bad in this mountainous region. Even with a large antenna, there is quite a lot of static. All at once, the telly gave out a weird squealing noise. When they looked, they saw onscreen a crystal clear picture--in color!"

"The screen showed a young Chinese woman wearing a white halter top. She had long, glossy black hair, parted in the middle and with a shelf of bangs just touching her eyebrows. She had almond eyes and prominent cheekbones. She said something in a strange language. Then she paused and spoke again in another language. Then she paused again and spoke in yet another language. She did it one more time, and this time one of the shop workers recognized the fourth language as Uighur."

"Next a Pathan (man from northern Pakistan) appeared. He had a rather fleshy face and a small moustache. He was also dressed very strangely in a kind of scale-mail armor and a spiked helmet covered with a puggaree (turban). He, too, spoke in an unknown language. Then he paused and spoke again in Urdu, which, of course, everyone in the shop understood."

"He said he and the Chinese woman were emissaries of the extraterrestrials. He said the aliens mean no harm and have placed the Ladakh valley under their protection. He advised the people to go about with their lives and rest assured that they would not be troubled in any way by the UFOs. The color image then vanished, replaced by a screen full of crackling static."

"Our ufologists believe the woman addressed her message to people living north of the Himalayas, in China, while the Pathan was addressing the mountain people here in India and in Pakistan. We have only heard of one such incident, so we do not know if anyone else saw this broadcast. It is all very troubling. Could this have been a hoax? If the aliens building this base wanted to communicate with the people of Ladakh, why didn't they themselves appear on the telly? Why would they use two humans as their emissaries?" (See the newspaper India Daily for December 19, 2004, "ET contacts with India's government and military." Many thanks to John Winston, Robert Fischer and Krishnari Bai Dharapurnanda for these reports.)


"Several loud blasts believed to be caused by a meteor shower echoed across the Indonesian capital of Jakarta and nearby towns early on Sunday," December 19, 2004, "startling residents who reported seeing flying objects in the sky."

"Police said they found no evidence that the blasts were caused by bomb attacks."

"An official from the Indonesian space centre LAPAN told the official Antara news agency that the explosions were likely to have been caused by a meteor shower."

"'It's probable that a fireball originating from a big meteor entered the earth's atmosphere. This created the explosion,' said LAPAN space expert Thomas Djamaluddin."

"Police had said they were investigating the blasts." (See the Lahore Daily Times of Pakistan for December 21, 2004, "Indonesian blasts likely meteor shower." Many thanks to Robert Fischer and Muhammad Ayub Khan for forwarding this newspaper article.)


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