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Anatomy of the Chilled Universe

Anatomy of the Chilled Universe that lies below the Hyperspace

Below the Hyperspace, which contains our Physical Universe and other Universes, lies a Chilled Universe. This chilled Universe is really infinite and is never destroyed or recycled. Now scientists have started believing that the chilled universe contains infinite numbers of Hyperspaces that range from 5-D to infinite number of dimensions.

The Chilled Universe is the ultimate example of advanced space-time infrastructure. Time is literally frozen here. Quantum waves or any energy fields are missing. The ZPE – zero point energy modules that have elevated themselves to a particular level thrives here. The energy modules in the Chilled Universe transform themselves into a chilled version of energy, which cannot be called energy modules any more. They are more of entities that thrive well below zero Kelvin with the help of quantum spin or quantum rotation, quantum waves and zero point radiation in a very stealth fashion.

The Chilled Universe controls and governs all the activities of the Hyperspaces and other Universes. The Chilled Universe works with the help of Z-wave – a stealth wave that is unknown to science in the physical universe. It is not a quantum wave, neither is it associated with any energy fields or electromagnetism. The z-wave is the controlling factor that controls the suction activities in the Hyperspace that in turn controls the gravity and electromagnetic fields in the Physical Universe of ours.

The Chilled Universe is where every ZPEM – the zero point energy modules attempts to move in. The ZPEM is what scientists regard as “Life” as we know in the earth. ZPEM is virtual in our physical world but is real in the 5-D hyperspace that contains the Physical Universe.

The Hyperspaces contained by the Chilled Universe is also created and destroyed by unknown forces of the Chilled Universe. The ZPEM tries to interface constantly with other Universes including our physical universe to get elevated in energy levels. The final attempts by the ZPEMs are to be able to exist and strive in the Chilled Universe. That makes it totally indestructible. The Hyperspace recycles but the Chilled Universe below it does not. When the Hyperspace is destroyed and recreated, the existing ZPEMs in a Hyperspace are transported into the next Hyperspace. The cycle of interfacing with Universes is continued by the ZPEMs.

When the ZPEMs finally become part of the Chilled Universe, they become governing and controlling factors for all the Hyperspaces and the Universes. They reach a final state of equilibrium and tranquility well below zero degree Kelvin.


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