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The anatomy of the Hyperspace

The anatomy of the Hyperspace - 5 Real Spatial Dimensions in Quantum Vacuum

It is the Universe of the Universe. It is wonder of the modern physics. It is the ultimate that governs life, science and even formation and destruction of all the Universes. On one side it controls the formation of Universe. Another function of it is to maintain equilibrium of expanding Universes. Finally it oversees systematic controlled collapse of the Universes as they collide in spatial terms. It is the vast Hyperspace the ocean in which endless Universes or bubbles coexist.

Quantum vacuum research reveals the so-called zero-point-radiation ZPR is composed mainly of virtual electromagnetic waves and virtual particle pairs that cannot be measured directly. This is the characteristic of the Hyperspace. If you try to understand the amount of energy available in the Hyperspace, it is as follows :

It is the measurable amount of energy contained below zero Kelvin (-273 degree celcius). This energy would mainly be due to the following sources of kinetic or pure energy: quantum spin or quantum rotation, quantum waves and ZPR or Zero Point Radiation.

The maximum energy density in the sense of oscillating particles that quantum vacuum corresponds to any wave or particle energy that space-time can support.

Simply put, the Hyperspace is a quantum vacuum of 5 dimensions spatial that creates, maintains and allows orderly collapse of Universes. The energy, particles and the laws of Physics in the Hyperspace is somewhat different from out physical Universe.

This Hyperspace of quantum vacuum overlaps our physical universe virtually. Particles from the Hyperspace cross our Physical in 5-D and therefore we can feel these particles but can never catch them. For example, we cannot detect directly virtual photons of the Zero Point Energy; they are not inside the same space as ourselves or our detectors, and we can detect them only for fractions of seconds when crossing our 3-dimensional space before disappearing again in hyperspace.

The Hyperspace is active, supports the formation, maintenance and destruction of other Universe.


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