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Angel Meditation

Angel Meditation

This meditation exercise is about contacting a presence that loves you unconditionally, that knows everything you have ever been through, everything you have ever suffered and every joy you have ever experienced. This presence blesses you throughout your life including moments of doubt, ill feeling, resentment and negativity - for that is perhaps when you need it most.

Some practical notes for the exercise:

You can either just slowly read the words of the exercise or, better still, record it onto a tape and play it to yourself. It is a worthwhile exercise, in itself, to practise speaking a blessing and you may just as well to start with yourself.

Naturally it is best to find a quite time in a quite place to do the exercise, but if this is difficult any time will do. Just adapt the exercise to the places where you have the opportunity to do it.

You may visualise the angel appearing in front of you, behind you, above you - whatever seems right to you each time you do the exercise. Some people experience the angel simply as a presence, some as a symbol others as a full-blown winged messenger. These, and any other variations, are fine.

When reading the words to yourself it is better not to inwardly "shout" at yourself, or be very demanding with yourself, as if trying to will yourself into it. Just speak quietly and kindly and take your time, as best you can, as that will bring better results.

Some people may find that it helps to echo the words internally to themselves (e.g. when the angel says "You leave the past behind you", they say to themselves "I leave the past behind me") as that helps them focus and not drift away during the exercise.

You can, of course, change parts of the exercise to suite yourself. You can expand on a part that really touches you or if a part really bothers you it can just be left out. However, be aware that you might be tempted to remove the parts that embarrass you and those are the parts that you might really need. It is usually best to work with the exercise exactly as it is for a while before changing it.

You may find it useful to add a relaxation exercise (gentle stretching or the like) before beginning.

It first it may feel that there is not much happening, but then you will start to see changes appear in you life and in your attitude. You may even start to feel like an angel is using the exercise as an opportunity to bless you and to heal you.

Angel Meditation

Relax, relax, relax, take some deep breaths.

[pause for a few deep breaths]

Begin to sense a beautiful presence close to you. Feel a radiant, unconditional love reaching to you and surrounding you.

An angel begins to appear in the room.

[Visualise this and pause for a few deep breaths]

The angel speaks:

"I am your angel

I am here to help you and to protect you.

I am always with you.

Be at peace in knowing this.

[pause for a few deep breaths]

I am here to guide you .

I bring goodness to you.

I bring healing to all parts of your life.

Let doubt and negativity pass away.

You leave the past behind you.

You let it all go.

I bring you prosperity.

You accept prosperity in all areas of your life.

You accept prosperity as your divine right as a child of God.

I bring you opportunity.

You accept new opportunities as they arise in your life.

You will know what is best for you, you will be shown the way.

I bring you adventure.

You accept new adventures in your life.

You know what to do in every situation, look to me for guidance when you need it and it is there.

I bring you love.

You allow love to fill your heart.

Loves flows from you.

Love flows to you.

You are radiant with love.

Let yourself be who you are.

You are just as good as anyone else.

You have the right to be here.

Like a tree you dig your roots down deep.

You draw from the earth all the nourishment that you need.

You know that in accepting what you need for your own growth; you serve the greater life.

Receive, receive, and receive so that you may share with others.

Now accept my blessings.

[pause for a few deep breaths to receive the blessing - the blessing can be silent or you can put words to it]

You are content.

You are content in seeing more and more of the beauty and goodness of life.

You see the best in everyone and you see the best in every situation.

You are content in exploring life's mysteries.

You do not need to have all the answers.

As you move through your day you have faith that your life, and all life, stems from a beneficent source that you are in deep communion with."

[pause for a few slow breaths]

Give thanks for the Angel's presence.

Bring yourself gently back into your present surroundings.


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