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Our reality exists because our senses are tuned to the frequencies of the lower four sub-planes of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. If our senses were tuned differently, we could have experience of an astral environment instead of a physical environment.

This world we inhabit is a world of energies, swirling around numerous centres, reacting with our consciousness and with our life-force, but in such a way that it would be incomprehensible to us if our senses were ‘out of tune’. To experience the reality of this existence as it truly is, we would have to exist without any form except the capacity to experience the basic duality of separateness from our surroundings. For anything to exist at all it must have some form of objectivity, because if this objectivity was taken away all would cease to be, and only a void would ‘exist’ as a non-existing void. The only things that can exist without any objectivity are angles, which form the subjective connections between objective realities. And the only way angles can become concepts is through the recognition Humans are able to give them through the application of conscious energy.

Every individual has a set of angles which is used to gain experience of life, and similarly every object in our surroundings has their own set of personal angles, relating it to the archetype of its form as we relate to the archetype of the Human form. Other angles form links between the variety of objects which make up our environment, and enable us to react with them in whichever way is applicable.

The creation of every physical form is due to angles, and each form will have its own angles based on its archetype, which are octave related to the archetypal formula. Also each individual form or object will have one major individual angle, which is controlled by an individual Deva who is in charge of the Elementals and their energies in each of the sub-planes composing that object, as well as numerous secondary angles which allow it to relate to its environment in order to execute its own unique will or purpose for its existence.

Humans experience the physical world through personal angles which we call our senses. These are connected to our chakras, and are the only angles that connect us to the reality of our everyday existence. Each chakra relates to a specific sense from which it receives angular energy, so that when we become aware of an object, another person or a situation/event, we may perceive it through every chakra, but each will have its own bias, i.e. some things are more important through sight, others through smell, others through sound. Obviously most of the awareness of our surroundings through angles does not limit us to just one sense, just as it is unusual to be aware of all five senses at the same time. With intense situations such as emergencies, our senses are heightened, which means the angles carry more energy into our centres.


If we stand facing an object we are aware of it through our eyes because we can see it, through our noses because we can smell it, through our ears because we can hear it, and if we move closer we are able to touch it and even taste it. Many of these senses will not be apparent to our normal awareness so we may not realise the object has a feint smell, but all these senses are continually at work assessing data or angular energy, which is then translated by our brains to interpret what we experience in a way we can understand. If we can understand it in a conventional sense, we can interpret as being part of our reality.

However all reality as we perceive it is actually illusion. This is what is really happening: the object is composed of numerous angles formed into a particular configuration under the direction of a Devic entity, whose role is to ensure that the angles remain constant except for the natural decay process produced by time. So if the angles of the object are not contaminated by the influence of larger angles such as weather or the close proximity of a different angular structure, it will retain the ability to be sensed by Humans and other sentient creatures. Every object in our environment is an individual angle, comprising of a collection of angles formed and contained by a Devic intelligence, with the added attribute of an Elemental energy base as an archetypal intention, related to its existence on one or several of the lower four elemental divisions of reality, Fire, or plasma energy, Air or gas, Water or liquid, Earth or solid.

The specific angle of the object is composed of many smaller angles, but has an overall substance and intention related to its Devic and Elemental parts, and the collective smaller angles can be identified by attaching as many labels as possible to the object. They can in this way be described by their intention or their substance, such as their shape, type, colour, weight, texture, as well as their use and how well they are made, etc. Every applicable description will be an angle with a separate identity, and together they will unite in one identity.

For example, a cup has an individual angle, and it is also associated with the angle which includes all cups, as well as the angles governing its appearance, colour, shape, size, and what it is made of; and although it is the form that decides it is a cup, and this form has to be able to contain liquid in a hygienic sense which limits the material from which it is made, ultimately it is the intention that determines it is a cup rather than a vase.

So angles are responsible for our environment, as well as the effect our environment can have on us: because something of natural beauty will be composed of angles structured in a harmonious way. If this applies to something man-made this shows it has been constructed according to certain principles which a gifted designer or artist can instinctively incorporate into the form, so everyone will recognise its beauty through archetypal human angles. If we like something which someone else does not, it shows that its angles respond harmoniously with our personal angles, but discordantly with another person's angles which are tuned slightly differently. This principle can be applied to our surroundings: if we find them pleasant, we will add positive angular energy to the senses we use to appreciate those surroundings, and if the surroundings are unpleasant, we will absorb negative sensory energy into our angles.

The whole universe is filled with the energy of consciousness, which equates with light in our physical world, and so the more we appreciate an angle through our senses, the more we apply our conscious energy which gives the concept greater strength. Humans are consciousness machines having the ability to recognise form through our all of our senses, and to direct this conscious energy towards the forms we perceive which in turn fuels and drives the particular angles under scrutiny. This whole process is necessarily subjective, we can never be aware of the processes involved except intellectually, otherwise the angles would not be functioning as angles. This is the hardest thing to appreciate, how we can use these ideas without allowing ourselves to be consciously aware of doing so. And this is where various occult systems broadly coming under the heading of magic are invaluable, for example through the personification of angles into gods and demons. It also clarifies the reasoning behind some of the more obscure eastern religious doctrines, such as Zen Buddhism, which attempt to bypass the logical and objective processes of our conscious awareness.


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