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Another major tsunami

Russians confirm planetary angular momentum theory to warn of another major tsunami even more devastating

The earth has entered a seismically active period when weakness in earth’s crusts start breaking apart, volcanoes erupt, plate collisions cause major earthquakes, mud volcanoes erupt and geysers come out in different parts of the world with much higher frequency. This results in volcanic eruption, mudslides, Tsunamis, mega earthquakes and more.

According to the Russian scientists, the number of earthquakes in the earth has increased exponentially over the past few years, a phenomenon not seen in modern human history.

According thousands of years old Mayan civilization, this kind of period come after thousands of years. The ancient civilization warned that around 2012 the world would face major calamities from natural disasters and other factors. They used planetary positions and interferences as well as sun signs.

According to some Russian scientists, another major earthquake in the same vicinity and a series of the same near the equator is evident in near future. The resultant Tsunamis will be three to five time as severe as this one. The future Tsunamis will not effect South and South east Asia, they will devastate even many more countries.

"According to our theory, there exist latitudinal lineaments (cracks of the earth's core), which pose potential danger in terms of seismic activity. If we are to follow equatorial crack westward of South East Asia, we could expect rather serious seismic cataclysms in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and Gabon," informed the spokes person of the Russian scientists.

According to Pravda, earthquakes are also likely to hit equatorial countries of South America. Southern part of Ecuador and the islands in close proximity to it will be most susceptible to the quake. Should the seaquakes occur, the waves can easily cover the entire southern part of Colombia, Ecuador and northern part of Peru, noted Dr. Evgeny Dolgivov, director of geological-mineral sciences.

Dolginov has come up with a new theory of latitudinal lineaments, which according to the professor, had emerged during earth's early stages of development, reports "Interfax". Such cracks tend to become seismically active from time to time. In a place where such cracks intersect seismically active zones (i.e. meridian), these zones become most dangerous in regards to earthquakes. This was exactly what happened in South-East Asia, considers the scientist.

Tsunamis, earthquakes, mudslides and volcanic eruptions are evident in many parts of the world, say some Geological and Earthquake experts.

The angular momentum theory also says earth has become more wobbly and there is fair possibility that we will see a polar inversion like North Pole will become South Pole and vice versa. This kind polar inversion has never been experienced by modern human race. No one knows the implication and resultant havoc that can happen in the earth’s crust.

Some experts are also saying that based on myths and ancient stories, Atlantis faced even larger – many times larger similar devastation. But the mega devastation that demolished a complete advanced civilization over night did not happen suddenly. Smaller volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and Tsunamis first started happening one year before the big one came. Normally the small ones occur around the epicenter of the future big one. People normally misunderstand the small ones as the big one.


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