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Anunnaki & Nibiru - The Return

Anunnaki & Nibiru - The Return

An ongoing interest and debate has been Planet X. This allusive planet has been linked to the myths of the Sumerian Tablets, which speak of the returning of Nibiru (a mythical planet said to visit our solar system once very 3600 years due to its elliptical orbit). Nibiru is said to be the home of our forefathers; the original creators of the Human race; the gods of the Old Testament. Is Nibiru real? The writings of the Sumerian Tablets as translated by Zachariah Sitchin and pre-date any known written history, seem to suggest that it is.

Many current day "seers" and "self-proclaimed emissaries of Alien Beings" preach about the coming events, which will include major Earth changes. I'm sure that even without a degree in Rocket Science, any of us can understand just how the arrival of a planetary sized object would impact the forces being applied against this planet, would have a major impact. Of late, we're seeing our weather patterns change; major earthquakes reaching 9.0; storm of the century - every other week (or so it would seem) and let's not forget the sudden increase in activity of volcano's.

The question of Alien existence is still merely a question. Through out the ages, proof has existed to support Alien interaction in our development and progress. Cave drawings; Ancient Hieroglyphics; mid-evil paintings - all show what we've come to identify as the stereotypical saucer or cigar shaped UFO's. We can't deny that these exist and seem to represent something extraordinary.

A study of the myths in the Bible also reveal many interesting discoveries. The issue can certainly be debated until we're all long gone but it would appear that the stories of the Bible, written around 200 BCE, are actually a re-telling of stories from much earlier on - thousands of years earlier! The Sumerian's documented the stories of the Bible in the third millennium BCE! Their stories offer some of the best accounts of our creation and the events of early Mesopotamia. Yet, our Religion-based society continues to propagate the rewriting of our history for its own means.

There is no secret that the canonized version of the Bible from Constantine's' day has left out many relative books. The Gnostics; Book of Thomas; etc., were not represented because they were either not available at the time OR they contradicted the message Constantine wished to deliver to solidify his rule as Emperor. If you compare the various Christian religions you'll find that different versions of the Bible are used. Some have incorporated the "found books" while others continue to ignore their existence and suggest that they are not legitimate.

Now, consider this. What "if" the events of the Bible are more-or-less true. What "if" the events in the Old and New Testaments really did happen pretty much along the lines we're told they did but... much earlier!

There is significant proof to date the Pyramids to around 11,000 BCE for their construction. Certainly, with our technology of today we could build such monuments to the precision of these great structures - but... what about back in 11,000 BCE? The Humans of the Bible were farmers and Shepard's. The technology didn't exist to create such structures. Now, look at the Maya and their Calendar. Their understanding of astronomy and astrology far exceeded their ability to understand the stars yet they provided us with a calendar, which has been exacting. The examples of technology exist through out our history yet scholars often refuse to consider this when putting together their thesis or journals. It isn't mainstream science, thus it would bring way too much attention and critique and essentially ruin their career. But why?

Anyone with a computer can research these facts on their own and come to their own conclusions. Anyone with common sense can objectively examine the facts and determine that "we're not in Kansas anymore". By exploring these facts, we change everything we've ever believed in. We start to question our faith. We have to because what we've been taught isn't what really happened. Most lies are based in truth at some point. Often, good intentions turn sour. Now, add thousands of years into the mix and you'll find an alarming trend of using Religion to control. Fearing God (yet God is good, right? He cares about us and our well-being, right?) and tossing around the Devil has kept Religious leaders in power and often carved the way for Kings to reach a status of divinity among his subjects.

The fact is, if you research you'll find that the events of the Bible just don't add up with the time these events are said to have occurred.

Next, one must consider that the stories of Jesus are a retelling of Pagan myth. Osiris was also a man-god who was born of a virgin and carried out miracles (which by the way closely parallel those of Jesus nearly word-for-word). If you consider that the Pagan's worshipped many gods and that this belief system dates back long before the Biblical times, the stories of the Sumerian Tablets start to take on a whole new meaning.

In the Sumerian Tablets, the story of Creation and the Garden of Eden are shared. The Great Flood is also a favorite written in the tablets. These stories aren't changed all that much when represented in the Bible - however, they are manipulated. The Sumerian Tablets tell of the Anunnaki; a race of beings from Nibiru who created Humans by taking the indigenous beings on Earth and splicing their own DNA with that of the Aliens. The Anunnaki were greatly advanced beings and created the great monuments found on the Earth; Moon; Mars and other solid planets/moons within our corner of the Universe.

The purpose for creating Humans is also written in the Tablets. Humans were created to be servants of the gods. Many would have called the early humans, slaves. We were used to mine precious minerals such as gold. Still to this day, gold is considered a highly sought after mineral. Researching the Sumerian tablets will also tell you reasons for this unique status of gold.

So, what about the Bible and the stories in the Bible? Are they fake? The answer to that will unfold over time, however it is most likely that these events were real at their core. Even the stories of Jesus, were real. They just didn't occur when we think they did. If you consider the speculative orbit of Nibiru and the suggested 3600 year cycle, we can begin to establish a time-line for these events. First we must be careful not to deviate from what has already been written in our earliest documents (the Sumerian Tablets). We can extrapolate based on this information but we must stay relatively true to the core or else our own references will be just as flawed as the Bible.

We know that the Pyramids were built around 11,000 BCE. That means the Anunnaki must have been already here around that time. Considering that the cycle of Nibiru is this 3600 year cycle, we must conclude that anyone left here was stuck here until the next cycle. We are told that the gods had long lives but it doesn't seem imaginable that their lives would last the full cycle of Nibiru. So, we must then factor in the length of time that Nibiru would be accessible from Earth during its orbit. It has been suggested that the planet would only be visible for a few months but the length of time that it would be accessible might be years if not hundreds of years. Any advanced culture capable of creating hybrids would be seen as gods to their creations. We have that technology today. We mix-breed animals to create animals with special traits; colors or behaviors. We mix-breed plants. We're on the edge of cloning. So, the idea isn't so crazy when you consider these things today vs. even 100 years or less, ago.

We must also then consider that there are other beings than just the Anunnaki roaming the Universe. But that is a discussion for another PUFOIN Perspective.

Now, taking in the orbit of Nibiru and the fact that there were and still may be, alien outposts on Mars and the Moon, we can begin to paint a picture of the events as described in the Bible. Many have questioned the "virgin birth". Why is this so difficult a concept to accept? We have the technology to impregnate a female who has never experienced intercourse. So, right away, the idea of a virgin birth has to be considered plausible based on our own level of technology, today.

If this birth were between an advanced being and a Human, the offspring might have some advanced abilities. Even if the offspring didn't, the ability of the "father" who IS an advanced being could give that impression should he intervene on behalf of the son. Actually, all of the events spoken of about Osiris/Jesus persona could actually be factual. To the people of the time, simple things we take for granted today would seem like miracles.

The true problem rests with our version of the Bible. We singularize the gods. One must consider though that the "god" of the Old Testament isn't the same god of the New Testament. A simple review of the Bible will help to identify this. One god ruled with an iron fist. The other, with mercy and compassion. There is no doubt that a power struggle would occur between the gods. If we are indeed offspring of these beings, then we are the best evidence of this. Thus, it would make sense that there would be "groups" of gods who would have told their servants to honor no other god but himself. It makes sense that this would be the cause for suddenly making the Pagan plurality of gods into the Jewish and Christian singularity of God.

The study of the Pagan beliefs is truly fascinating. It must be studied with an open-mind because the idea of these deities is so foreign to the common belief system it becomes difficult to absorb.

Next we must consider the myths, which speak of the return of Jesus. Now, if you take into context the alien equation, the idea of a returning god is not so far-fetched. If the gods are truly on this 3600 year cycle, it would make sense that they've left and will return. It is also plausible that during this time we've had interaction with other alien beings who do not support the Anunnaki. The question of whether the Anunnaki are friend or foe can be debated. If we were created to be subjects of the gods, it would make sense that we wouldn't wish to be their slaves when they return. The idea of other aliens interacting within our society may be to provide us with advancements so that our awareness level would be high enough to understand the threat and our technology would be advanced enough to provide us with a means of defense.

The question of time-travel must also be called into the equation because of the suggestion of future events. Interestingly, the Bible is an excellent source of what is to come. Unfortunately, we don't often understand this until the events have come to pass. Could the Anunnaki have the ability to travel through time? Well, while they "could" it seems unlikely because if that were the case, they'd be able to know about our advancements. It seems much more likely that other alien beings are more advanced than the Anunnaki and shared these future events.

These aliens were the "angels" who came to Daniel and John. They planted the seed of warning in an effort to help guide us along a path, which would allow us to advance in our understanding; our awareness of our place in the Universe and in our technology. We advance quickly when we use cooperation. The Bible prophecies speak of this oneness within our nature and the need for us to get along and work together. Obviously, these prophets knew that the only way for us to advance in the time allotted was to get us to "play nicely" with one another. How better to do this than to write a code of ethics (of sorts) for us to live by.

So, what if all of this speculation is true? What if we were created to be slaves? What if we are waiting for the return of the gods? What next? When?

Well, many of the Native American prophecies tend to point to the year 2012. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. The Hopi Prophecy Rock points to a certain path we must travel, etc. The Inca prophecies also point to around 2012. They speak of the coming of the next density of existence. We've been able to extrapolate that this will be a time of ascension. This ascension isn't too dissimilar to the "catching up" or the "rapture" as spoken of in the Bible. Those who've become spiritually awakened (aware of their place in the Universe) will ascend into the next plain of existence. Those who are still bound by the ways of the creators and the materialistic world will be left to see the return of the Anunnaki (the end of their 3600 year cycle). These people will see great changes in the Earth because of the influence of Nibiru. They will also see great battles between the Anunnaki and the Humans of Earth. The prediction of 1000 years of peace may only come about at the hands of the benevolent alien beings currently helping us to advance our level of technology.

It would make sense that we will see huge advancements over the next few years as we approach this 2012 deadline. It would also make sense to consider that anytime from now through 2012 that the Anunnaki may be close enough to actually travel in ships to Earth in limited numbers. It would make sense for them to assume that not much has changed since their previous visit. To those who come in advance of their planet, their discoveries may be quite unique. It may even be an Anunnaki who is the "anti-Christ". It would make sense that the Anunnaki would choose the region of former Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) for their return. The predictions speak of the anti-Christ coming from this region and gaining power in the European Union. It speaks of nations coming against Israel.

On a side note, it adds a new light to why the United States and its allies chose to attack Iraq at this time in our history. Are they perhaps preparing for the return of the Anunnaki?

Our nations are working on space based initiatives for planetary defense. Ronald Reagan spoke of threats from outside of this world in one of his speeches. He was the first to suggest a space based missile system (Star Wars). It would seem that our Government's are already interacting with Aliens. Look at the advancement in our technology over the past 100 years. Are we being prepped for Armageddon?

There will be many view points on similar topics. There will be many who agree and many who disagree. In the end, only the reader can choose to explore for his/herself or continue to stand true to his/her faith and trust in the authority of their Church. It would be sad for people to not explore the role of Religion in controlling the population. It would be sad for people to not explore the way the various Churches have changed their doctrine to stay modern with the times. The RC Church said that the Earth was the center of the Universe and threatened early scientists who offered proof of the contrary. The RC Church now admits that Evolution is more than just a theory and accepts it as a more plausible means than Intelligent Design - yet, in the scenario explained above, the Intelligent Design is actually a fact!! How can anyone stand true to Religion when it continues to change its doctrine? If Religion were unyielding and thus supported by the science, that fortitude to stay true to Religion would be understandable. Unfortunately, science and Religion do not stand together and the only thing bending is Religion.

As spiritual people, we need to have a faith system. We rely upon our faith to help us through tough times. We pray to God to help us. What if the being that is helping us isn't the God we're praying to but rather, a galactic consciousness intervening on our behalf? What if it is simply coincidence? Again, the theories can abound but the facts can not so easily be dismissed by those who are enlightened and want to know more.

Are we in the end-times? That is merely a matter of personal perception. The Earth isn't going to end in 2012 and neither is life. If the Anunnaki are an advanced race and if they return in 2012 en masse, civilization as we know it may change forever. Look at the events of the past and the cycle of these events. It is pretty likely that the fall of the advanced civilizations will in most cases correlate with the cycle of the Anunnaki. Look at Egypt; Atlantis and other great early cultures. What happened to them? Where did they go? Were they becoming too advanced and a threat to the Annunaki? Did those with an understanding of their place in the universe ascend leaving only the materialistic individuals to service the gods? Have we advanced far enough in this phase of existence to be enough of a challenge to the Anunnaki?

This PUFOIN commentary is designed to stimulate the thinking process about the "what ifs". It is for those who are open-minded enough to place their existing belief system on a shelf for a while, allowing them to look objectively at all possibilities. Are you ready?


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