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Ascension Meditation

Ascension Meditation

The following meditation is designed to simulate the experience of Ascension. It makes use of creative visualization and imagination.

Sit comfortably, reasonably straight.

Visualize your Soul or Perfect Model as a human-sized form of brilliant white light just over your head.

Imagine yourself slowly rising to merge with the Light of your Soul... your entire being transformed to brilliant white light.

Visualize your surroundings becoming brighter and brighter, until there is nothing but a sea of golden-white light... an ocean of Spirit.

Imagine your consciousness expanding, becoming one with this ocean of Cosmic Light. Remain immersed in the Ocean of Light until you come out of the meditation.

The focus of this meditation is on blending with your Perfect Model, or the image you have of your pure Being. Deeper than all ideas you have of Pure Being is Pure Being Itself. Deeper than your imagination is the reality of Unmanifest Being which is beyond expression. Thus, in this way you enter the dimension of 'pure prayer'...where you leave all thoughts, words and images behind in order to "set your minds on the kingdom of pure Being." In this way you leave your egotistical self blend with your true center of Being - the place of the manifestation of your Perfect Model, whose level of consciousness is Cosmic Consciousness.

As a meditator, you are undertaking an inner journey of silence, stillness and simplicity. You are embracing a state of poverty of spirit and a radical letting-go...The way taught by the early desert monks is to go beyond all distractions of thoughts, words and images. You can use a mantra or a single sacred word or phrase and simply and faithfully repeats it during the period of meditation. Choose your own mantra. Examples the mantra Aum or Hri, or the ancient Christian prayer, the word 'Maranatha which in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, means "Come Lord Jesus" or "Kirie Eleison - Christe Eleison" . These words of power should be repeated silently, interiorly and their syllables equally stressed. Whatever thought, image or feeling comes, simply and faithfully return to your chosen mantra. These are just a few examples. You can use any other mantra that touches your heart and make you "vibrate". Two periods of meditation of about 10 to 20 minutes are advisable, at the beginning and end of each day.


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