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Astrological gemstones

Pretty pebbles have been collected and fussed over even
longer than astrology has been around, and that's saying

Besides being beautiful, rare, and valuable, some gemstones
have been said to have almost magical powers. The basic idea is
that they can generate and transmit energy. They are said to
repel or attract certain wave lengths to or from the wearer.
Some are even claimed to help with natural healing.

One of the most common gemstones is the quartz crystal.
According to legend, wearing or holding one of these rocks is
kind of like plugging yourself into a psychic antenna. You get
more information than you would have received otherwise.

And, that's how quartz crystals are used in our modern
technologically! They even generate electricity when pressure is
applied, and can be caused to oscillate at precise rhythms. From
experimentations with quartz crystals came development of the
radio, the telephone and television, and eventually even the
silicon chip. That, of course, has led to the explosion of
communications technology available today.

It certainly was easier to debunk the old folklore when we
were less sophisticated scientifically! Now, seemingly "magical"
breakthroughs happen almost every day. In light of what we've
learned, can we be sure these old folk stories don't hold a grain
or two of truth?

Maybe there is a correlation between the natural vibrations
in the gemstones and the wearer's electronic field. Certain
stones are said to cause a person's aura to change color or
intensity. Color is also one of the ways gemstones are linked to
the various planets, sun and moon, and to the astrological signs.

Where you wear the stones also makes a difference. Gems
worn or carried on the left side are said to be receptive,
drawing energy toward the person. Those worn on the right side
are more assertive, and transmit energy out from the wearer.

For example, if you want to attract love, it's suggested
that you wear a pink-toned gem on the left hand. Pink is
associated with Venus, or love, and the left hand is receptive.

If you wanted to be more confident in a group, you would
wear a red stone on the right hand. It would supposedly help you
be more assertive and outgoing, because of its symbolic link to
the planet Mars.

If you wear a stone that's associated with your sun sign,
your natural tendencies are enhanced. For example, if you're a
Pisces and you carry a bit of aquamarine, your already excellent
intuition would be strengthened. Libras aren't noted for being
exceptionally intuitive. So, a Libra, might wear aquamarine to
increase those abilities.

It's perfectly acceptable to wear a stone which represents
qualities you admire, but feel you lack. In fact, that's a major
part of this game! So, if there's a gemstone you like that's not
listed with your sign, follow your own intuition and wear it!
That's also true for stones that aren't listed. You may discover
they provide the very boost you need.

Remember, the healing properties mentioned in these stories
haven't all been proven scientifically, yet! If you're having
health problems, it's always best to consult a licensed medical
practitioner, too!

There are different opinions as to which gemstones belong
with which signs. And, of course, the signs of the moon and
other planets are also important to each personality. The
following list will give you a place to start, but don't be
limited! It can be very helpful to wear a stone associated with
fire signs, for example, if you lack fire signs in your chart.
And, as previously mentioned, it's safe to follow a hunch!


Bloodstone - Helps develop courage and mental balance.
Stimulates energy flow. Brings harmony, increases self

Diamond - Intensifies and magnifies other stones. There is
an intense focus of energy from a diamond that can aid with
meditation, if you can avoid being distracted by the material
value of the stone.

Red Jasper - Good for clearing blocks. Energizes. A good,
slow, steady healing stone.

Ruby - Reduces resentment about giving service. Considered
by some to be a master healer. Imparts high energy and strength.
Enhances passion for life and truth. Increases courage.
Benefits the heart and circulation of blood. Supplements
athletic ability.

Also: Amber (see Leo), Carnelian, Garnet, Hematite, Pyrite,
and most red stones.


Emerald - Strengthens memory, enhances speech. Acts as a
natural tranquilizer. Strengthens perception and insight.
Increases psychic and clairvoyant facilities. Nurturing,
stabilizing. Brings patience, helps the wearer balance will and

Green Tourmaline - Deep nurturing, quiets the mind and
brings will-wisdom. Attunes the wearer to a greater awareness of
all vibrations. Dispels fear, calms the nerves, aids sleep.
Physical healing is greatly enhanced.

Watermelon Tourmaline (green to dark pink) - Helps one
release old emotional pains and replace them with love.

Also: Coral, Copper, Azurite, Morganite, Rhodochrosite,
Rhyolite, Rose Quartz, Sapphire, Golden Topaz (see Scorpio),


Agate - Grounding and stabilizing of physical energies.

Rutilated Quartz - Aids study, psychic and mental abilities.
Illuminates and energizes. Helps integrate life force in the
body. Rejuvenates and balances the system. Increases
clairvoyance. Helps the immune system. May slow diseases of
aging and help prevent depression. A power stone.

Blue Lace Agate - Gives courage, sharpens insight,
illuminates the mind and gives vitality, also improves the ego
and self-esteem.

Also: Aquamarine (see Pisces), Citrine (see Virgo), Gold and
Amber (see Leo)


Moonstone - Brings peace and harmony and pulls the
individual toward spiritual things. Helps psychic gifts develop.
Increases access to the subconscious mind. Enhances
communication with the Higher Power. Heightens enjoyment of
nature and the outdoors. Good all-purpose talisman. Helps calm
reactions to stimulation. Reflective, soothing, increases
clairvoyance. Said to bring harmony to marriage. Relieves
frustration. May help calm feminine disorders and soothe ulcers.
Increases access to the subconscious mind. Brings greater

Pearl - Softens pain. Soothing, peaceful, mothering.

Also: Golden beryl, Emerald, Mother of Pearl.


Amber - Absorbs negativity. Beneficial when placed over
areas of pain or imbalance. Good when worn or used by people who
get depressed easily. Grounding, stabilizing characteristics.
Acts as a connector. Polarizes and harmonizes past, present and
future. Used for mental clarity. Grounding stone. Protective.

Kunzite - Very high spiritual love vibration. A heart
opener. It awakens the highest heart consciousness. Comforts
and heals heartache. Great balance and compassion, peace and
freedom from fear.

Aventurine - Excellent touchstone, bringing calmness and
serenity. Good luck in love and games.

Also: Gold, Ruby (see Aries), Pyrite.


Citrine - Boosts mental agility, increases the ability to
study, aids creativity. Good for overly sensitive people.
Protects. Builds confidence and security. Best stone to use
when trying to accomplish practical matters concerning business,
education, personal relationships and family. Helps stabilize
situations that seem to be moving too quickly. Helps hyperactive
people calm down. Opens the bridge between the higher mental and
intuitional levels of the mind. Useful against depression.

Peridot - Helps in developing mental capabilities and
achieving tranquility. Relieves melancholia and increases

Also: Jasper, Rutilated Quartz (see Gemini), Sardonyx,
Turquoise, Zircon, Chrysolite.


Rose Quartz - Promotes skin rejuvenation. Helps heart,
kidneys, liver, lungs. Heals the heart of emotional wounds,
especially lack of love in childhood. Releases suppressed
feelings. Teaches one to love oneself. Works well in healings
with Amethyst. Brings about a peaceful balance of mental and
emotional energies. Assists in communicating with inner self.

Pink Opal - Absorbent, picks up energies, positive or
negative. What the wearer sends out is returned, amplified.

Pink Tourmaline or Rubilite - Strengthens wisdom and
enhances creativity.

Also: Diamond (see Aries), Jade (pastels), Jasper (pink),
Pink Tourmaline, Onyx, Pink Opal, Rose Zircon, Beryil.


Garnet - A curative for depression. Reduces body toxins and
mental problems. Increases creative energy, enhances sexual
expression. Boosts positive feelings, therefore enhancing self-
esteem. Encourages success in business relationships. Said to
be lucky for love. An aide to the imagination. Keeps energies
flowing. It's said that wearing a garnet while you sleep helps
you remember your dreams.

Fire Opal - Enhances charisma. (Also see Pink Opal under

Also: Agate, Boji Stones, Red Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Ruby
and Diamond (see Aries).


Topaz - Golden - Used for practicality. Good with garnets
to develop ways of being productive. Brings abundance. Good for
counsellors. Brings out individuality and creative power.
Encourages confidence in one's own decisions. Replaces
negativity with love and joy.

Turquoise - for love and connectedness with others. Very
spiritual stone. Enhances universal conceptualization. Helps
wearer to see more clearly, both physically and spiritually.
Dispels negativity.

Also: Bloodstone (see Aries), Citrine (see Virgo), Ruby,
Emerald (see Taurus), Lapis Lazuli (see Pisces), and Amethyst
(see Aquarius).


Onyx - Very physical, low frequency vibration stabilizes and
strengthens, quells fear of unknown. Helps control passions,
emotions, and negative thinking.

Petrified Wood - Protection against infection. Helps past
life recollection. Good for arthritis and rheumatism. Relates
to tissue regeneration and longevity.

Obsidian - Balances stomach and intestinal tract. A
protection stone used to prevent emotional draining from others.
Helps protect soft-hearted and gentle people from being misused.
Teaches how to bring more light into darkness. Purges
negativity. Stabilizes erratic energies.

Also: Turquoise, Black Coral, Black Tourmaline, Beryl, Jet
(guardian stone), Garnet (see Scorpio), and Tigereye.


Amethyst - Good for insomnia, relieves headaches and lung
problems. Has a calming effect. This is an intuitive stone, one
of the best to use for meditation. Teaches humility, initiates
wisdom and understanding. Said to be beneficial for one who is
grieving. Good for overworked or overstressed mental states.
Helps with counselling. Purifies and amplifies spiritual
energies. Helps prevent overindulgence.

Blue Sapphire - Mental stabilizer. It focuses energies and
eases the flow of energy. Helps with organization and self
discipline. Also helps blood flow to organs.

Clear Quartz Crystal - Enhances understanding. Alleviates
emotional extremes. Encourages healing. Expels negative
thoughts. Increases psychic gifts. Focuses meditation. Brings
abundance. Assists with counselling.

Also: Green Garnet, most pastel stones.


Aquamarine - Aids eyesight, reduces fluid retention, calms
nerves. Excellent stone for meditation. Good to wear when
traveling by sea. Eases stress and improves psychic abilities.

Jade: Soothing, cleansing, most effective when used over a
long period of time. Contributes to mental clarity, modesty,
courage, justice and wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli - Increases psychic ability and tendency toward
genius. Believed to bring vitality, virility, self-assurance,
calmness, strength, inner strength, and general protection. The
mental-spiritual relationship is enhanced and material
possessions are placed in proper perspective. Increases
receptivity to love and compassion. Enhances contemplation and

Also: Diamond (see Aries), moonstone, shell, Alexandrite,
Amethyst (see Aquarius), Nephrite, Quartz crystal (see Aquarius),
Jasper, and Sapphire.


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