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The highest manifestation of angles in our universe exist as the relationship between the planetary bodies in our solar system. These relationships are known as planetary aspects, which is how angles of potential relate to astrology: aspects are particular relationships between planets, measured either in a definite number of degrees which separate them, or because they hold a particular symbolic relationship, such as the Arabian Parts or midpoints. These aspects are viewed as a pointer towards the potentialities of the horoscope.

Such potentialites are only earthed into events when a third factor is added, or when the aspect pattern becomes activated by the addition of a third event: such as a transit to one of the planets involved. Then the two natural attributes of angles, their Intention and Substance, are resolved by the third attribute of the angle, that of Conscious energy, or the relationship between the native of the horoscope and the time and place of his present existence.

The natural angles of a personality relate to the movement of the planets and their ever-changing relationships as a by-product of their direct and singular effect of resonance on the angles operating at each separate point on the Earth's surface.

This is so because each point of the Earth's surface has unique angular qualities, although these are adjusted according to the cyclic movement of planets.

However these, or indeed any angular qualities, are not separate factors but exist as part of a wave of energies in constant flow and motion. It is only where the nodal points connect with form that a certain unique stability of relationship is established within this sea or net of energy.

Angular astrology assumes we are born with a set of angles which are identical to those operative at the time and place of our birth, and which our incarnate soul "inhabits" for the duration of each life. A horoscope is therefore seen in angular terms as a map of the angles crystallized at a particular time and place, and anything, any form, created there will assume that angular pattern for the whole of its natural existence. Through angles we share the 3rd Ray experience of birth and death because they relate to the Devic evolution of form.

However, as the subject moves from his birthplace, he/she (or it) will take this angular set with him, and although he will assume a new Ascendant and MC, his original angles will remain intact: he will not (noticeably) alter his appearance or lifestyle just because he changes location. What will alter will be the variety of influences his natural angles are subject to, and although the changes might be slight, they will still be different.

The concept of angles can lead to some useful astrological ideas if we assume the degrees of the zodiac symbolize angles, and we have to assume a symbolic relationship here, because if angles have their own realities ~ which I believe they do ~ there has to be more than 360 of them functioning in each individual.

One such idea is that each degree of a horoscope will retain the character of its initial transit or progressional aspect, because angles or aspects remain potentialites until they become activated through the conscious energy applied to them by energies originating externally from their own pattern.

This is when angles become responsible for "events", which I take to include every change in behaviour without limiting it to noticeable events; every moment of our lives is an event - the difference is only between the subjectivity or objectivity of the particular moment in question.

To explain in more detail, angles can be symbolised in a horoscope by the influences felt through each degree of the zodiac, so that as the planets move across these degrees they will react with each one, giving and receiving energy to them. As the Ascendant and whole chart revolve every 24 hours, this can make subtle and continual adjustment to the influences of the degrees thereby creating our experience of time. By seeing these degrees as angles, we can understand how they will hold the energy of previous events they have been involved in, and so adjust our response when similar events re-occur.

It also explains the significance of the first days of life, because on the first day after birth, the degrees which revolve around the chart will touch each planet on the horoscope for the first time, and these first glimpses of the potentiality of the natal angles will be mirrored in the the first year, as the sun returns to its original place.

From this we can see the truth behind a day for a year progressions, and also solar returns, which represent a chart of the significant moment that will have influence over the next 12 months. Lunar progressions, a month for a year, and lunar returns work in a similar fashion, as do lunations or a chart cast for the times of each New Moon, relative to the aspects made to natal planets.

This also gives the basis of the understanding behind horary astrology, a map of the angles at a particular point in time and space, which can determine the outcome of an event or even a thought.

If we accept these ideas as a working hypothesis, we can clearly understand how the early years of a child will mould the character through its initial responses to everyday situations, and how parents hold an instrumental role in guiding their children in the way they conduct these initial responses.


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