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Auras: The Human Energy Body - The Aura

Auras: The Human Energy Body - The Aura

Everyone is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, and this field is called an aura. The aura has been depicted throughout history in literature and paintings. Angel pictures show it as a halo; pictures of Jesus often depict a light around his head. Auras are not unique to angels and religious leaders, however; a field of energy surrounds us all.

As with our physical bodies, our auras can become "ill." Healers who work with energy can scan our energy fields and detect areas where our energy is congested or depleted. They can detect blockages and work to clear out and redistribute energy. Skilled healers can also revitalize our energy by offering life force energy, which is often called chi or prana.

There are many different therapies that work with energy. Many hospitals are starting to use Therapeutic Touch, which works on the auric field. Whatever therapy is utilized, energy work is a very powerful healing tool.


With scientific developments, the aura can now be photographed. Aura or Field Photography depicts the energy field around the body. The various colors seen can give us clues to our emotional and physical well-being. As more work is done in this field, it may one day be used for medical diagnosis.

Your energy field can be photographed with special "Aura" or "Field" cameras.

Color Analysis: (Aura colors change frequently depending on our emotions, physical activity, health, etc.)

White - spiritual; highly evolved spiritually; motivated. White incorporates the qualities of all other colors.

Violet - mystical, unifying, enchanted, charming. Deep spiritual understanding and high spiritual energy that can transmute lower energies.

Blue - depth of feeling, peace, love, affection, communication, fulfilling the highest ideals of unity.

Green - healing and teaching. Also endurance, perseverance, persistence, high self-esteem.

Yellow - sunny, exhilarated, mental, powerful, expectant, tenacious. Golden may mean spiritual knowledge or mental strength.

Orange - creative, artistic, expressive. Also fullness of experience and the urge to achieve results or success.

Red - force of will, passion, vitality, desire, physical activity, excitability, anger, intensity of experience.


In addition to being photographed, the aura can be felt. We often feel other people's auras without even realizing it. Have you ever met anyone and instantly liked or disliked him or her? You were probably picking up signals from this person's energy field. Have you ever noticed that when you're having a "bad day," people steer clear of you? We are constantly putting out vibrations to everyone around us.

Sensitizing Your Hands

To begin working with auras, we must become more sensitive to feeling subtle energies. Try these exercises for 10 minutes a day for two weeks:

1. Place your right thumb in the center of the left palm. With a gentle twisting back and forth motion, use the thumb to activate the chakra in your palm. Reverse for the right hand.
2. Gently blow on this same spot with quick puffs.
3. Hold your hands out in front of you, palms facing. With palms about 12 inches apart, gently move the hands in and out about a half an inch. Gradually bring the palms closer, continuing the in and out motion, until they are about three to four inches apart. The force you feel between your palms is energy. You may also feel heat or a tingling sensation.


There are many ways for you to help yourself by cleansing your own energy and the energy in your home. Here are a few:

Cleansing Your Energy

1. Use salt and water to neutralize toxic psychic energies. You can make up a saltwater solution and put it in a spray bottle or take a bath with salt added.
2. Mix a 1/2 cup of baking soda in with your bath water.
3. Mix a 1/4 cup Epsom salt with 1 cup baking soda and 1 tablespoon salt. Soak for 10-15 minutes. (This is especially good for psychic tension, when you're feeling overly sensitive.)
4. Use dried basil bath to cleanse the energy when there are too many negative (or aggressive) people around you. Make a tea from the basil, add it to bath water and soak for six minutes.

Taking in Raw Chi (Energy)

1. You can take in raw energy from trees, just make sure they are mature (at least 20 years old). Stand with your back to the tree for 10 minutes.
2. Walk barefoot through the grass or on the ground, and kind of scrape your feet!
3. Drink water that has been sitting in the sun.

Cleaning the Energy in Your Home

1. Smudge with sage, cedar, lavender or tobacco.
2. Smudge sticks can be found in most New Age or Metaphysical stores. These cleanse the negative energy. Be sure to move around the room and don't forget to do the corners. It is a good idea to open a window.
3. To change the energy in your house and bring in Divine Love, mix 1/4 teaspoon brown sugar with 2 drops honey. Spread it over a piece of charcoal (purchase this in metaphysical stores). Meditate over the charcoal, concentrating on your intention for two minutes. Light the charcoal and let it burn.


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