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Avian Flu takes a new turn

Avian Flu takes a new turn – weak electromagnetic state of the earth makes confused migrating birds spread it in Northern hemisphere – a slight genetic alteration can be catastrophic

The bird flu is become more dangerous every day. Now there are indications that weak electromagnetic state of the earth is making confused migrating birds spread it in Northern hemisphere. Scientists now predict that a slight genetic alteration can be catastrophic for our civilization. The altered version of the flu could be carried from human to human.

A strange thing is happening in Toronto. Birds and animals are being found dead in very large numbers. Initial assumptions are that these birds and animals were poisoned but the authorities are waiting for medial confirmation.

The polar reversal of the sun and the earth is changing the electromagnetic properties of the earth. The migrating birds that use earth’s electromagnetic fields for navigation are getting confused and this will just intensify more and more as we approach 2012. If the migrating birds move to wrong spots and get confused about where they are going, they will spread the Avian Flu all over the world rapidly.

Bird flu, or avian influenza, is a Type A influenza virus that affects mostly birds and occasionally pigs. The virus can pass from bird to bird when it is inhaled and from contact with infected droppings. Contaminated equipment, infectious particles carried on the feet and bodies of animals, and migratory waterfowl can spread the disease. Since December 2003, a highly pathogenic strain has devastated dozens of Asian domestic poultry stocks, and several human infections have been reported.

According to the Center for Disease Control, which offers a basic fact sheet on the virus, bird flu is especially pernicious to humans because we lack the necessary immune protections against the disease.

All influenza viruses are dangerous because they are prone to change; the Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968 killed 34,000 people in the United States. The World Health Organization notes that no human-to-human transmissions have been reported.

There's much warranted concern about the latest outbreak -- it has spread rapidly and is highly pathogenic.

The Avian Flu is spreading very fast through confused migrating birds and is about to hit an epidemic all over the world simultaneously


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