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Aztec Gods & Goddesses

Aztec Gods & Goddesses

Acolmiztli A God of the underworld.

Acolnahuacatl Another God of the underworld.

Amimitl God of lakes.

Atl God of water.

Atlaua God of fisherman and water. Called 'Lord of the Waters'. Associated with the arrow.

Camaxtli God of war, hunting and fate. Creator of fire. Along with three other gods created the world.

Centeotl God of maize.

Centzonuitznaua Gods of the southern stars. Rebel brothers of the sun god Huitzilopochtli.

Chalchiuhtlatonal Another God of water.

Chalchiuhtlicue Matron Goddess of rivers, streams and marriage. Ruled over all waters of the earth.

Chalchiutotolin God of pestilence.

Chalmecacihuilt A Goddess of the underworld.

Chalmecatl Yet another god of the underworld.

Chantico Goddess of hearth and volcano fires.

Chicomecoatl Goddess of maize. Her symbol is an ear of corn.

Chicomexochtli God of painters.

Chiconahui Hearth Goddess and guardian of the household.

Cihuacoatl Earth mother Goddess. Patron of childbirth and those who died while giving birth. Often portrayed with a child in her arms.

Citlalatonac God who created the stars with Citlalicue.

Citlalicue Creator Goddess. With Citlalatonac, created the stars.

Ciucoatl Goddess of the earth.

Coatlicue Goddess of earth and fire.

Cochimetl God of merchants and commerce.

Coyolxauhqui Goddess of the moon and earth. Posesses magical powers with which she can cause great harm.

Ehecatl God of the winds. A form of Quetzalcoatl, he can bring life to all that is lifeless.

Huitzilopochtli Mighty god of war, the sun and storms. Represented as the hummingbird.

Huixtocihuatl Fertility Goddess. Connected with salt and salt water. She is the elder sister of Tlaloc.

Itzlacoliuhque Obsidian knife god.

Itzli Stone knife god, and god of sacrifice.

Itzpapalotl Goddess of agriculture.

Ixtlilton God of healing, medicine, feasting and games.

Malinalxochi Sorceress Goddess with power over scorpions, snakes and other stinging, biting insects of the desert.

Metztli Moon god.

Mictlantecutli Lord of the dead and ruler of the Aztec underworld. Often seen as a skeleton or a figure wearing a skull. His animals are the spider, owl and bat.

Mixcoatl God of the hunt and war. Also ruler of the polar star.

Nanauatzin God who sacrificed himself in a fire so that the sun could shine on the world.

Omecihuatl Creator Goddess.

Ometecuhtli Creator god and god of fire. The highest god of the Aztec pantheon. Ruled over duality and the unity of opposites.

Opochtli God of fishing, hunting and bird snaring.

Patecatl God of healing and fertility.

Paynal Messenger god to Huitzilopochtli.

Quetzalcoatl Creator god and wise legislator. God of the wind, water and fertility. Light skinned and bearded, or represented as a feathered, flying snake.

Tecciztecatl Moon god.

Teoyaomqui God of dead warriors.

Tepeyollotl God of caves and the earth. Believed to create earthquakes and the echo. His animal is the jaguar.

Teteoinnan Mother of the gods.

Tezcatlipoca God of night and material things. A tempter, he often tried to urge men to evil as a test of their moral character. Sometimes seen as the opposite of spiritual Quetzalcoatl.

Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli God of the dawn and Venus as the morning star. An aspect of Quetzalcoatl.

Tlaloc God of rain, agriculture, fire and the south.

Tlaltecuhtli Monster earth god.

Tlazolteotl Earth Mother-Goddess, and Goddess of sex.

Tonatiuh Aztec sun-god and god of warriors.

Tzitzimime God of the stars.

Ueuecoyotl God of sex and irresponsible merrymaking.

Xilonen Goddess of maize. Called 'the hairy one' for the tassels of the corn.

Xipe Totec God of agriculture, spring and the turning of the seasons. Flayed himself each year to offer food for humans (as a maize seed loses it's outer skin). After he shed his skin, he appeared as a shining, golden god.

Xiuhcoatl Fire-snake. God of drought and scorched earth.

Xiuhtecutli Also called Huehueteotl. The senior deity of the Aztec pantheon. He is the personification of light in the darkness, warmth in coldness, and life in death. Often depicted with a red or yellow face.

Xochipilli God of flowers, love, games, beauty, song and dance.

Xochiquetzal Goddess of birds, butterflies, song, dance and love. Also a protector of artisans, prostitutes, pregnant women and birth.

Xocotl God of fire and the stars.

Xolotl God of lightning who guides the dead to the underworld. Seen as the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl. Depicted as a skeleton or a man with the head of a dog.

Yacatecuhtli God of traveling merchants.


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