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Bach's healing with flowers

Healing with flowers is both ancient and universal. It is the use of flower essences, which are safe and effective plant energy imprints that interface with the human Body/Mind to create harmony and balance.

Most cultures have some tradition of using flowers therapeutically. Paracelsus used to gather the dew from plants early in the morning and give it to his patients. However, the founder of Flower Essence Therapy in the Western world was a British physician and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach. He was committed to these principles:

Medicine must, above all, do no harm.
Treat the person and not the disease.
All that humans need for healing can be found in Nature.

Traditionally it was believed that essences work by eradicating the underlying emotional energy disturbance that is holding the disease pattern in the body. Most modern researchers claim that an essence can either help a person deal with a challenge or promote some new energy pattern in their lives. Sessions in Flower Essence Therapy can be very different from one practitioner to another. Some sessions take the form of a classical homeopathy session, where the client names his/her chief complaint and then answers many questions about lifestyle, habits, likes and dislikes, as well as other physical, emotional and mental patterns. Other practitioners use dowsing, kinesiology, Chinese pulse taking or other methods to tap into the energy field of the client, to determine the underlying dis-harmony.

According to Bach's method, flowers are picked in the morning when they are in full bloom. Then they are soaked in unfiltered spring water while being exposed to direct sunlight. After about three hours the flowers are removed with the help of a twig from the same flowering plant.

The fragrant water is then placed in a clean bottle and mixed with an equal amount of brandy. This results in what is called a "mother essence". This liquid is diluted to create the remedy potion. Very small quantities of the "mother essence" are used.

Flower essences can treat anything because they do not treat the disease, they treat the person at the level of the underlying imbalance that created the disease in the first place. They also treat the person in relation to his/her attitudinal response to the disease. The number of sessions required varies with the individual. Sometimes one essence will clear the condition up immediately. Sometimes it takes time to process all the energy and information required for self-healing, as in the traditional metaphor of peeling the onion skin. Since the remedies cannot harm, this is a safe therapy for individuals to explore on their own. It is believed that essences are self-regulating, so that if the Body/Mind doesn't need the essence used, it will be discarded. Flower essences do not work biochemically like aspirin does for a headache, but they can affect our experience of our bodies. For example, essences which help release emotional stress may result in less physical tension.

Flower essences can help people who suffer from physical illness by addressing the emotional responses to the illness, and by working with the underlying conflicts and tensions that may have contributed to the onset of the illness. However, flower essences are not cures for any specific illness, and are chosen on the basis of mental and emotional issues, rather than specific physical ailments.


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