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Beauty of the Heart

Entering Into the Beauty of the Heart

Please put your attention on the breath for just a few moments... pause

Use your own creativity to bring about something very beautiful. Decide how best to go about it and then proceed doing that within your own heart. Do you want to fill it with jewels, shining and bright, colorful, translucent, or do you want to fill it with gold, or with flowers?...pause

Fill your heart with the most beautiful aspects you can think of, making it a wonderful place to rest in, and then look at the beauty in your heart, enjoy and love it...pause

Now let the person sitting nearest to you enter your heart, to enjoy its beauty, to become imbued with the love for that beauty, feeling restful, at ease, and wanting to stay in this beautiful place of your heart…pause

Now let your parents enter into this beautiful, shining, translucent heart, where they can enjoy, feel loved, and be at rest…pause

Let your dearest people come into your heart. See how they enjoy and love it, how they appreciate the beauty of it, and how they want to stay there and rest within that beauty…pause

Now think of your good friends and let them all enter into your heart; see how they smile and appreciate the beauty of your heart. They are happy that they have been allowed to be with you, to enjoy your love, and to find a home in your heart…pause

Think of the people whom you meet in your everyday life. Take each one by the hand and lead them to your heart. Let them enter and see their enjoy¬ment and their love of this wondrous place, filled with the utmost beauty…pause

Think of other people you know whom you can lead to your heart. Let them enter and enjoy and be overwhelmed with the beauty they find and the love they experience…pause

See how your heart is full of people and there is still lots of room for more. There is no limit. The beauty of the heart is limitless. Now think of some people toward whom you are quite indifferent. You neither like nor dislike them. Take them by the hand, let them enter into your heart, see the joy on their faces when they recognize the beauty and the love that they find there…pause

Now think of some difficult person or persons and recognize the mental pains and feelings of that person, take him or her by the hand and lead them to your heart. The beauty and the wonder create real happiness for that person, and you no longer find him or her difficult…pause

Think of those people whose lives are far more difficult than ours: who may be in a hospital, prison, refugee camp, war zone; or who may be crip¬pled, blind, hungry, without shelter, without friends. Think of the many people that this applies to and take as many of them as you can by the hand and lead them to the beautiful heart that is within you, where they can find joy, and love, and a home. As you lead them to your heart, you can embrace them, so that they know they are really welcome…pause

Think of the many people who live on this globe of ours, and see whether you can accommodate them all, so that they can all enjoy the wondrous beauty that you have created in your heart, making them happy, making them feel the warmth of love…pause

Now put your attention back on yourself. Look at the wonderful jew¬els, or flowers, or the gold of your heart, see how it has created such beau¬ty that when you rest in it, there is joy, and love and peace within you. Think of the joy and the love and the peace as the most wonderful jewels of your heart shining in all directions…pause

May people everywhere create great beauty in their hearts…and when you are ready open your eyes…pause

•It is recommended not to prolong the duration of the "pauses" (30 to 35 seconds are enough) - as one should allow for the mystical qualities of the Heart to unfold spontaneously and intuitively...


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