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Before the universe was created

Science explores what was there before the universe was created with a big bang

What was there before the universe was created with a big bang? The answer to this question is what contemporary physics is trying to understand.

Evidences are becoming very clear based on research by Indian Scientists in the Indian Institute of Science that Universe is in its fifth cycle of “birth and death “. Just like in case of the stars (known as Super Nova), Universes are also created and destroyed periodically in Billions of years. Many Universes are actually contained by mega-Universe. These Universes are born and they die over billions of years. The mega-Universes are contained by super-mega-Universe and they are also born and die. This goes on and on till we reach the multidimensional infinity. Those who are religious may at that stage interpret God as that invisible “multi-dimensional infinity” that really created everything and controls everything.

So what was there before the big-bang theory? For understanding that concept, you may need to understand how stars and solar systems are created and they do die over time. For example four billion years from today, our Sun will “die” through a process called Super Nova. The whole solar system including our earth will be destroyed as the expanding sun will absorb it and then become a “dead Star”. But then all the matter around it will again collect into another area of the Universe and the new solar system will be created.

Similarly, before our current Universe, the previous generation Universe died. There is something called “dark energy”. As dark energy increases, the acceleration may happen so quickly that galaxies, stars, and eventually atoms will be torn apart, in the so-called Big Rip. About six Billion years before our Universe started accelerating towards this Big Rip process.

After the Universe is destroyed, the dark energy will eventually lead to a re-collapse of the Universe, in the Big Crunch into a dot in a different part of the Mega-Universe. And then another big bang will happen!

The Universe and the Mega Universe chains gives rise to the so-called “multi-dimensional physical infinity”. In other words if you try to reach out to physical science to answer this phenomenon, eventually science will come back and say it is infinity – we just do not know.

However, when you pull yourself out of the physical domain and focus on spiritual domain then things become very clear. According to these Physicists in the Indian Institute of Science, the ancient Hinduism said things that we are scientifically getting to know now!

Spirituality allows us to move out of that confusing never-ending physical infinity. The physical infinity is like getting into a room full of mirrors. It is just a case of illusion that seems millions of you through the mirror effects. But once you turn the light off, you realize that it is just you in the rooms! Spirituality allows you to get over that realm of confusing physical reality.

The real challenge for science is not to just to dig in more of the physical reality - but try to traverse the "science and art" of unknown spirituality. There are evidences that extra-terrestrials with very advanced technology mastered the spiritual realm of science and they are capable of creating the miracles.


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