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Mary, the Essene Virgin

Mary, the Essene Virgin

The Birth of the Master Jesus

The comprehension of certain "historical beings" can prove to be truly beneficial to man's evolution, education, and internal formation. My opinion is that the cosmic intelligence generates "historical beings" in order to bring a divine message to humanity. This message goes beyond the life of a single individual, or even that of a nation, to pertain to a comprehensive work. When the work is finished, the evolution of a cycle is terminated and another cycle can begin. The more we progress towards the outcome, the more history is known in its entirety. For some, it is only coincidence and the fruit of chance. For others, it is the work of the divine wisdom and the book of High knowledge.

History talks about man's free will and his being torn between two opposite complementary forces: death and life, the shadows of false knowing and the light of knowledge, the children of hatred and those of love. The one who was called the Virgin because of her inner purity, her mastery and her divine wisdom was a woman who made the scales of history lean towards the side of the children of light.

The Virgin is a historical personage and, to understand her, one must place her back into her cultural context. She was part of the fraternity of the Essenes. She was born in the bosom of this fraternity and was raised in accordance with their mysteries and their particular initiation. Her entire life, therefore, had been dedicated to serving the knowledge of the Divine. The Essenes considered themselves as the custodian people of the alliance with God and his spiritual hierarchy. The goal of their entire life was to keep this alliance alive through consecrated human beings. This alliance was as real for them as fire, air, water or the earth are for us. Just as a contemporary man can verify the accuracy of the earth's fertility by planting a seed in it and watching it grow, an Essene could ascertain the reality of the alliance through the celebration of the mysteries. The goal of these mysteries was to form "prophets"--that is, beings capable of sensing, feeling or knowing the spiritual world and the will of the eternal Father. Not all of them succeeded in becoming prophets, but each one worked hard to it according to his own means, and they all participated in a communal work: that of making the Divine triumph in humanity. There were prophets of different categories, and those that the fraternity sought to give birth to, within its bosom, were the great spiritual Masters, those having the power to sow the world.

The technique of Essene initiation consisted in plunging deep inside oneself to find again the source of divine existence which then allowed one to recognize, in the inner level and also around, in the outer level, the living and divine water which animates everything. This water was called the blood of the lamb, the blood of the prophets, of the spiritual Masters, of the great sages of the fraternity and of the people of God. The Essenes considered themselves to be the guardians of this spiritual blood and it is through its intermediary that they succeeded in keeping alive the alliance with the Divine. It was a whole state of mind, a culture, that is very difficult to put into words now and match today's mentality. It is this state of mind, voluntarily cultivated, that opened up the doors of the spiritual worlds to them. Thus, an Essene was conscious of belonging to a people, a tradition, a lineage. It is only when he felt himself in harmony with this lineage that he could really find his place and his fulfillment as an individual amid the community. An Essene could not reach fulfillment outside the lineage of light. Whatever he did in his individual life, had to be linked to the global task. Some cultivated the soil, others were craftsmen, others therapists or teachers… but all of them worked, in one way or another, for the ensemble and the common goal.

The Virgin was born as an Essene; she had grown up among the community and had even performed the role of the temple dove. She was loved and recognized in the fraternity. Several had prophesied about her, proclaiming that she would give birth to a son of God, a great Master. However, before bringing Jesus into this world, she had doubts and she wondered because the Essenes had finally been caught by the letter that kills the spirit, and the Virgin had perceived it. As with many instituted groups, the risk is that, at a given moment, dogmas take over. However, the Essenes were about to succeed because very great prophets and spiritual Masters were soon going to emerge and to radiate the teaching in the world. It is the dogmatism, the extremism and the fanaticism that pushed the Virgin to distance herself from the community's life. In her heart and soul, she has always been Essene, but, in her body, she distanced herself from them. She joined dissident groups that lived as a family. At the time Jesus is a child, these families will play a very important role in the education of the Master. Himself, like his Mother, he will distance himself from the official and hierarchal Essenes.

At the time she was pregnant with the Master, she traveled, sleeping and living in the homes of simple people: farmers, fishermen, craftsmen. Everywhere they’d go with her husband, Joseph, they talked about God, about the One With No Name; they healed the sick and taught the art of the vine growing and other secrets of the earth.

The Virgin knew that, in doing this, she was constructing the body of her child so that later he would feel close to simple people and go towards them in love, simplicity and free exchange. She did not want her child to become a prisoner of dead dogma which distances the human being from the simplest and the most beautiful realities of life.

The Virgin wanted her child to be liberated from everything that is "frozen" in life, but she wished he would endeavor to live in liberty and love, the reality of the inner teaching of God. This is why she had always wanted to be on the move, traveling and going towards others with love, respect, and divinity.

In labor, just as she was about to give birth, when the contractions were very advanced and the child was getting ready to come out, she heard the spiritual voice, the prophetic voice, the voice of God which traditionally speaks to the people of the children of light. She was surprised to hear this voice because she knew all that this implicated. The voice told her that her son was wearing a mantle of snow, that he had the hair of wisdom, and that, at the age of seven, he would leave his home to become the Word of God. Thus, the Virgin, who was suffering because of the contractions, thought that she would lose her son and that he would be called by the angels. She understood the message: her son was an Essene and his life was consecrated to God. The mantle of snow was the white robe of the Brothers and Sisters of the Order. The hair of wisdom was the sign of alliance of the Essenes.

The age of seven represented the supreme degree of initiation that only the very great Masters could successfully pass through in order to consciously unite themselves with the angelic hierarchies and the divinity.

It is in this state of mind, with great lucidity and a sublime love, that she consecrated her child to God at the very moment he came into the world. In this way, she accomplished the ancient rite and the secular vow of the Nazarites. Jesus was born as an Essene, and the Virgin, from that moment, deployed her will so that he would receive the education and the transmission of the spiritual laws issued by the fraternity. This is how, at the age of twelve, he was able to astonish all the priests of the temple of Jerusalem . Nevertheless, she made sure that he was educated by a dissident and non-dogmatic branch of the fraternity. In fact, there were two Essene communities: one external and official, and the other more internal and quiet. One finds the same aspect in Christianity: on one side, there is the church of St. Peter , which takes care of the external side and which is very dogmatic and rigid; and, on another side, the church of St. John , which seeks, in liberty and love, to live Christ's teaching from the inside.

This will of the Virgin to remove Jesus from the external community was very difficult to live with because that community wanted to gain possession of the child for reasons that are very easy to understand. Finally, through negotiations, the Virgin succeeded in keeping the child with her and having him educated by the dissident group. She succeeded in this thanks to the help of the angels who were with her and who protected the Master Jesus. The Essenes were sensitive to the angels and were used to obeying them.

It is the Essenes who taught the Master Jesus to eat, to walk, to speak, to read, to write, to pray, and to unite himself with the One With No Name, with the Father and the Mother of the world.

The Virgin made sure that his education would be intensive because she wanted him to be almost an adult at the age of seven before leaving with the angels. But, in fact, at the age of seven, he met his inner being, his divine source, the people of God, his angel of light who made him experience the divine world in its pure manifestation and reality

The Virgin supported her son all the time and she believed, for many years, that he was an angel come to the earth.

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And if the Virgin Mary wasn’t the naive woman established religions have depicted? If, quite on the contrary, she was an Essene initiate, a therapist and an authentic spiritual master? What do we really know of her, called the Mother of God by history?
Thanks to his capacity to go back through the memory of time (akashic records), the author raises a corner of the veil… We then discover completely unknown scenes of her life, her practices and spiritual experiences and we plunge into the heart of her teaching and her interior life.
We would be wrong to consider this remarkable woman as a figure of the past who has nothing else to give to mankind. If we blow away the dust of superstition which covers her, we will discover a jewel capable of enriching our present time...


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