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Black hole in M87

Extraterrestrial UFOs visiting earth come through the black hole in M87 Active Galaxy

The estimated age of our Universe is 12 Billion years. UFO researchers in many countries are astonished with some data from the black hole in M87 active Galaxy. Computer models are showing strange behavior at the center of the Galaxy.

M87 is an active galaxy, one in which we see interesting objects. Near its core (or center) there is a spiral-shaped disc of hot gas. The first picture places it in context. The second superposes spectra from opposite sides. This allows us to determine the speed of rotation of the disk and its size. From this we can weigh the size of the invisible object at the center.

Although the object is no bigger than our solar system it weighs three billion times as much as the sun. This means that gravity is so strong that light cannot escape. That is the evidence of an active Black Hole.

In the first figure, there is a diagonal line. This is believed to be the passage out of those fortunate particles, which escape along the axis of rotation and avoid being swallowed by the black hole.

The Black hole at the core of M87 Galaxy connects out Universe to other Universes though the concepts of concentrating space and time to a point. Now it is believed that this is the nearest point that can be considered as the Gateway to other Universes.

UFO researchers in many countries are looking at this strange disguised Black Hole closely. It seems that if we ever plan to exit our Universe this will the path.

Interestingly, last year there was huge rumor in some countries that UFOs are visiting us from another Universe. There are strong belief among the scientists and researchers that M87 Black Hole is a multipoint junction of many Universes. In other words, UFOs visiting earth are coming from another Universe through this Black Hole.


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