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Building a colony in Hyperspace

Building a colony in Hyperspace needs a miracle in particle physics – type III civilizations have achieved exactly that

Every advanced intelligent civilization is trying to get to the chilled Universe below the Hyperspace as soon as possible. That is only Universe that is permanent and indestructible. The Universes come and go. In a very large cycle, so does the Hyperspace.

The first step to escape the eventual destruction is to set up a colony in the Hyperspace and transfer the whole population there. But that is not something like creating a colony in Mars. Hyperspace is 5-D space while our Physical Universe is 3-D space. That means our 3-D objects are flat in that environment. It is almost similar to taking a 3-D boat in Hyperspace and all you have over there is equivalent to a piece of paper in the shape of a boat!

“Virtual” field particles (e.g. bosons of the Zero Point Fields) are hyperspace particles that cross our 3-D universe from time to time, thus seeming “virtual” to us. They are there – we can sometimes feel them but they disappear all on a sudden.

Quantum vacuum research reveals that the so-called zero-point-radiation ZPR or ZPE (an energy that exists even at 0siK) is composed mainly of virtual electromagnetic waves and virtual particle pairs that cannot be measured directly.

That means in order for setting up the colony in the Hyperspace, it is just not enough to go there by opening up a wormhole artificially. We can go to the Hyperspace and become a 3-D entity in a 5-D environment.

The type III civilizations that have established themselves in the Hyperspace have done it with marvels in particle physics. They have successfully created 5-D objects and particles in a 3-D environment.

Our particle physics is nowhere close to that. Many scientists are expecting that the particle colliders in the text twenty years can provide some light in that direction. Currently colliders are busy observing the impact of the particles at 99.9% speed of light. Scientists believe very advanced colliders in the coming decades will be able to bring particles together and create the Hyperspace virtual particles. In that case, if we can handle those virtual particles, we will be able to create objects in the Hyperspace.


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