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Cosmic Law - Cause & Effect

Cosmic Law - Cause & Effect

The most important lesson involving human conduct and interaction, from
individuals to governments, is seen in the Cosmic Law of Cause & Effect,
or karma. Knowing how the Law works helps to understand the means to
achieve inner and outer peace, and why governments need to be

The lesson begins with the understanding that the universe is a SEA OF
ENERGY that can be either calm or stormy, depending on how it's used.
And science has shown how this field of energy works;

"For every action there is equal and opposite reaction."

It's the law, and it was expressed in spiritual teachings long ago;

"Be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves."

A modern addendum is "don't get even, get smart".

Governments have continued from antiquity the practice of initiating
physical force to control people, contrary to timeless wisdom;

"You must not seek to promugate
truth nor to establish righteousness
by the power of civil governments
or by the enaction of secular laws.
You must always labor to PERSUADE
human minds but you must never dare
to compel them."

For government, the Cosmic Law of Cause & Effect, or karma, means
whatsoever the collective group would have others do to them, the group
should do to others, commonly known as "do unto others as you would have
them do unto you". The Cause of Initiating physical force produces
in-kind Effects, or karma, at some point in time. It could be immediate
or far in the future.

Every human thought, word and deed is a Cause that sets off a wave of
energy throughout the universe, creating calm and desireable, or stormy
and undesireable Effects.
Every Cause, whether individual or collectively by government, results
in an Effect, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

In the 1997 edition of his book "Rising Out of Chaos", spiritual leader
Simon Peter Fuller emphasized the importance of living in harmony with
the Law;

"We are totally responsible for our
every thought, word and deed while
on Earth, and karma, both positive
and negative, ensures that we re-
balance all the energy or matter (so-
called sin) we have ever disturbed."

Deepak Chopra, a leader in mind-body medicine, identified the issue in
his 1993 book "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success";

"...no debt in the universe ever goes
unpaid. There is a perfect accounting
system in this universe, and everything
is a constant `to and fro' exchange of

It's the Law for all human action in government, business, labor,
education, etc., as well as individually.

Pain may be the Effect of a Cause and a karmic lesson to learn.
Undesireable Effects are karmic reminders that at some time and some
place, there was a thought, word or deed that Caused a wave of
undesireable energy. To re-balance and calm the energy requires
thoughts, words and deeds of a positive nature, the most powerful of
which are unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion.

The Cosmic Law of Cause & Effect requires that governments holding to
the karmically-incorrect practice of initiating physical force, or
violence of any kind, be RECONSTITUTED with positive principles,
policies and practices in harmony with the higher Law, a new way of
looking at government. Important among them is "voluntary subscripton"
to government services, an essential aspect for peace on Earth.

Being consciously unaware of having Caused negative energies that must
be re-balanced, humans generally regard themselves as "victims" of some
undesireable Effect, but somewhere in the individual or collective
history there was a Cause, possibly during past incarnations. This may
be better understood by reversing the words of the Law;

"For every Effect, there is a Cause."

There are only Effects of Causes and Causes with Effects.

Karmic debt does not die when the physical body expires. The eternal
soul learns from its short human experience and seeks further
opportunity to return in accordance with the Cosmic Law of
Reincarnation, revealed in the restored text of Revelation III;

"All will come upon the earth a hundred,
hundred times, and still will the spirit be
raised by the Father." (Ch.6:11)

The text had been eliminated from Christian teachings several centuries
after Jesus' time, but reappeared with other hidden revelations in 1990,
and was later published in Simon Peter Fuller's book.

Learning the Causes of negative Effects may require examining
experiences of prior times. The soul knows of these times and can bring
them forward to human consciousness when the five-sensory intellect
allows integration by the soul. However, many individuals
intellectually block the process, and some even deny the soul's
existence. An egocentric attitude seriously slows human progress.

Humans discover that consciously, or unconsiously, they have been the
Cause of their own negative Effects, but as the karmic debt is paid with
positive thoughts, words and deeds, and the disturbed universe energy
field is calmed, the world stage is set for the ultimate experience -
Heaven on Earth,

With regard to government, the bottom line is every thought to be
projected in government Principles, every word to be carried out in
government Policies, and every deed to be carried out in government
Practices, must be assessed for its karmic implications. And this
requires an AUTHENTIC CONSTITUTION in harmony with the natural
Cosmic Laws of the universe.


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