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Changing the future

Using multidimensional time dimensions to change the future

The fact that time is multidimensional and that the same entity can coexist in many time dimensions, multidimensional time dimensions can be used to change the future. Think about that you have five shirts that look the same, coexist and are at different places. Assume now you spilled coffee in one of them. You have the option to change your shirt to an unstained one before you go for your official business. The same way the extraterrestrial advanced alien civilizations are able to change the future. In the next hundred years, most likely human civilization will also be able to change the future by shifting the impacted parts of the physical universe into another parallel time dimensions.

According psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and some psychics, humans under hypnosis can see the past as well as the future. Even they can project into the past and future lives. In many cases the past and future lives are in distant planets, galaxies and even other physical universe. Now scientists are realizing these distant planets, galaxies and physical universe does not have to be separate ones. The same individual coexists in many different time dimensions. It is possible to create miracles by replacing a damaged or badly altered time event with another that is clean.

For example, it may seem just miraculous that a spiritual healer can cure some one’s cancer or damaged organ as delicate as eyes. According to many contemporary physicists, it is actually possible. The technique is really replacing the physical existence from the current time dimensions to another one that actually coexists. Taking an individual from a given time dimension to a parallel time dimension allows these kinds of miracle to actually happen. Psychic power of mind and mental strength can change the future by altering dimensional axis of time.

Eventually these techniques have a very large implication on the space travel and any risky project our civilization undertakes. In case of any mishap we will be able to repair the catastrophe by changing the time axis. Human civilizations in the future will be able to time travel to the future and redirect its current time axis to avoid catastrophe or undesirable events.

Changing the future or controlling the future is the ultimate height a civilization can reach. Many scientists believe the Extraterrestrials have reached that stage and can change the course of their and our future. Think about it if they can change our future and we cannot change theirs, are we not their slaves?

Also if a civilization can see the future and be able to change the future with replacing time axis, they will reach immortality to terrestrial sense. That is exactly what the advanced aliens have achieved. And that is exactly we will achieve in the next few hundred years.


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