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The Changing Veil

Feeling Forward

Practical Magic Series

The Changing Veil

We share with you the tools of practical magic for the magicians of the Gameboard. Do you know who you are? We do. We tell you that you have been honored beyond your understanding for your work, for you had the courage to put on these veils and pretend to not know where you are going. We wish to share with you today another one of the practical tools for use in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, for the veil is thinning. You feel it. You have waited for the day when it would thin. You have asked for it to happen, wishing to see the other side and move between dimensional realities. And yet, when it is given to you, it sparks fear. It triggers the fear response in all humans. Please do not think any less of yourself for feeling that or for having that anxiety. Understand that it is a normal process.

How do you get to heaven? Practice, practice, practice. It is about assimilating these energies in your own physical being in order to try and figure out what works. Not what works for everyone, but specifically what works for you. When you find that trigger you are able to connect, and you feel more centered than you have ever felt before. You feel less out of balance, less anxiety, less fear, and fewer difficulties. Is it ever going to feel like you are mastering the human experience and walking on water? No, sorry to disappoint, but it will not. You have designed it so that you would not ever feel that way. Will you always doubt yourself? Probably. You will, however, get comfortable with the fact that you can not know all the answers. Understand that those thoughts are human responses to spiritual connections. Yet ever so often, you trigger one little spark of light that shows you who you really are. For that brief moment you have a mirror reflecting back to you the magnificence of your magic, your beauty and your power.

As you come in, each one of you carries the spirit from above, that part of God which is uniquely yours. For like snowflakes, there are no two parts of God alike. Finding and connecting that unique part of yourself allows your individual beauty to come out and be expressed. Sometimes it is the way you present yourself; sometimes it is in the words you speak or write; sometimes it is a smile across a crowded room; sometimes it is a gift; or sometimes it is a touch. Being able to express that spark of spirit gives you a spiritual confidence. Expressing your unique spirit and being able to share that with another person, is the whole process at this stage of your evolution.

Walking Backward in Time,
Part 2: Moving through a Multiverse

So here we wish to bring something to the table. It was more than a year ago that we began talking about a seed that we specifically wanted to plant. The Keeper was very frustrated when we did this, for we simply asked him to place this out there without explanation. When people approached him and asked what it meant, he did not have all the answers. And that is very frustrating for him. He is still frustrated about that, but he will get over it. We spoke, over a year ago, about walking backward in time. Now that those seeds have been planted very deeply in the collective psyche, now that those seeds are starting to evolve in your own evolutionary process, we can explain a little bit further about what that means. You are becoming interdimensional beings as we speak. Many times we have shared with you that there are parallel lives and parallel universes—multiverses—playing out simultaneously.

We also have told you that there will be a time when you, as an evolving spirit in human form, will be able to move from one reality to another and bring something back with you. This could be knowledge, a thought, or an emotion, and eventually you will be able to transport physical times back and forth. Yet, what we have never talked about is the dimensional movement sideways on the time line. For you were in a different dimension yesterday than you are today. That is the purpose of the timeline. It is not possible for you to completely go back and live yesterday over again. Even when you have the ability to travel to your past, you will carry the knowledge of your travels with you and therefore that knowledge will alter your experience.

When you start releasing the illusions of linear time, you will then see such traveling as taking place sideways in time or into what we call “alternate realities." The knowledge you gain and carry as a human alters and evolves your experience of time. Let us give you this example. First, we give you the string of numbers 7-3-6-5 and ask you to commit those numbers to memory. Then, we ask you to forget those numbers. Understand that as a soul it is not possible to intentionally lose knowledge. As hard as some of you try, it is not possible for your soul to forget anything. Yes, late tonight, you will wake up with this string of number running through your thoughts: 7-3-6-5.

Activating the Infinite You

You play the game of pretending to be human in finite form. In other words you have a beginning and you have an end, or so you think. In fact, we tell you that during the planning stage of each life a great deal of thought goes into when and how you will enter and exit the game board of life. This creates the paradox of an infinite being pretending to be finite. It is very difficult for a human in finite form to even understand the true concept of infinity, for you are on the finite side of the veil even though your spirit is infinite. That part of you in spirit form never ends, never has a time out, never stops learning and gaining knowledge. Instead, it moves from one energy form to another as it glides throughout the Universe in the evolutionary quest of a soul. This paradox has caused great challenges for most of you in your lifetimes.

Now let us give you some practical applications for how you can use this same paradox to walk backwards in time. It is wonderful to think about shifting dimensions of time and space, but what can you really do with it? This is the Practical Magic Series and even though there are wonderful words in all the books the Keeper writes, all of it is useless if you cannot find a practical use for it in your daily lives. We offer this to you as something to make your smile a little brighter, something to make your life a little more comfortable or more passionate. So, let us give you this suggestion as a beginning. We are not supposed to give you all the answers of the Universe, for you have not formulated the questions yet. Yes, you have all answers deep within you. You have only to remember your questions. Once you formulate the question, you are able to understand the answer which will then be revealed to you. Now let us help you formulate your questions about the entire concept of walking backward in time

Moving Sideways in Time

Is time travel entirely possible this day? We tell you yes, it is. It is possible to move forward and backward as well as sideways. As infinite beings your true relationship to time is much different than you believe it to be. The first movement in time for most of you will not be forward or backward, but sideways. Moving sideways in the time element into other dimensional realities is as real and helpful as moving forward and backward in time. Both are becoming more possible than ever before. There are two ways that you can work with this energy. If you consider yourself to be in the now or in the present, then there are obviously the future and the past that you can work with so let us address that first. Are you aware that humans re-write history every day? If you do not believe it, speak to some of your own historians. Talk to some of the book publishers that provide history books for your own schools. You are constantly evolving the story—not only of where you are and where you are going—but also of what has already happened.

Is that wrong? No, we think not, for you are creators. You create everything around you in all dimensions of time and space, so the beginning of walking backward in time is going into your own history and writing a script that will support you as you walk forward into your own time. Then as you walk forward, you do so with a confidence in your soul that you may not have received as a child. There are opportunities for you now to go back in your own history and re-member and re-write events that triggered certain energy stamps within you that make you who you are today.

Let us address the most important point of re-writing your own history: All events in your life have purpose. There is a gift in every event that crosses your path. In order to re-write history, you must first receive the gift. If you have not received the gift, you cannot change where you are in relationship to the time line. So the first point is to find the value in the experience or circumstance that you wish to re-write.

Now begin the process. Take a moment and step out of your body. This can be accomplished with a simple deep breath and focused intent in a quiet place. Allow yourself to connect with your own soul as if it were someone outside of yourself that you were meeting for the first time. Greet that person and feel the love and trust between the two of you. Now focus your energy on the gifts that you have received during the game and ask the soul before you if you have received the intended gift. Listen to the answer within. Then you can begin to let go of it, blessing and thanking it for the wonderful role it has played in making you who you are this day. Returning to ‘now’ consciousness, you allow yourself to walk forward with confidence. Even if you pretend the confidence at first, the soul confidence will build and offer you support that has never been there before. We realize that this process is so simple that most of you will not attempt it. Yet we have just given you the first concrete steps in walking backwards in time.

Shifting from Destination to Journey Consciousness

Now more than ever, many of you are feeling the compression of time and space around you. Those things that used to bring you great joy are somehow not as nice as they used to be. The worst thing that can happen with a human is that you get everything you ever wanted. Now what? For it is not about reaching a destination. It is not about achieving anything. It is about enjoying the ride. It is about setting the goals, not achieving them. It is about dreaming about what it is going to be like when you reach your goal. This brings us to the next part of walking backward in time.

Humans have a backward view of everything. To work in the illusion of a field of polarity it is necessary to switch a few things around, the first of which is your own concept of time. Imagine that as you are walking on a linear time line where there is a past behind you, a present where you are at this moment, and future in front of you. But that is not really how you walk, is it? Do you not often walk backward with your eyes facing toward the past rather than the future? Can you not see your own past more clearly than you can even see your present? It takes a great deal of effort for you to look down at your own feet and see where you are on your own path, and it takes even more effort to possibly see into your future. So you are already walking backward in time. To turn around and do what we call walking backwards in time means to have a clear view of the future and to set that into motion. Oh, yes. We know

Many of you have been the goal setters. There have been those of you who envision everything you want by the time you are age 55, and we tell you that worked very well to a point. But you are evolving so rapidly even some of the things that have brought you great successes in your life no longer work the same as they did just a short time ago. So now we offer you a new tool. Play with it. Do not throw everything out and release all the things that you have worked with up to this point and adopt a new truth. Simply take some of the suggestions we have offered and play with them. Find what works for you, for it will be different for each one of you.

Feeling Forward

For you to turn around and walk backward in time means that you will watch the future. Envisioning the future through goal setting is an old energy way. It has worked well in the past, but as you step into higher vibrational status you will reach for higher truths to support your higher vibrations. Now we ask you to consider that goal setting may actually limit your own higher self in the realization of your creations. Even in the old energy not long ago, it was necessary for you to be very specific about what your goals were: envision the color of that new car; know exactly how much money you were going to have in the bank; and know exactly the date it was going to take place. Now we tell you that spirit, your own higher self, can be very frustrated by some of these old energy ways, because it means that you limit your own higher self in what and how the manifestation can unfold.

So, we ask this: Do not set the goals. Instead, plant the seed of how you will feel when you are planning your next stage of evolution. The real magic lies in the excitement and anticipation of planning the goals in the first place. Understand that your infinite self has realized these goals the moment they are crystallized into thought. The emotions bridge the gap in the time line. Bring to the energy into your emotional being, for that is the link that you have between the finite and the infinite self. By bringing that energy in through your emotional being and experiencing how it feels to be designing your next set of goals, sets up the greatest of possibilities.

Jumping Forward in Time

In your illusion of linear time you live actually do everything in reverse. You see your past but can not see the future ahead of you on the path. Very few of you are even aware of your present. Therefore, walking backward in time actually means stepping intentionally into your future and taking your power as a creator today. Once you understand that you are moving in one direction but facing another, in the illusion of linear time, you can grasp that walking backwards in time is actually moving into the future. But that movement no longer works the same way it used to. Whenever you find yourself in any difficult situation you can move forward in time to see—and create—the outcome. For instance, you are on an airplane and you are having difficulty in such a tight space.

Feeling very anxious you wonder if you can last the remainder of the flight. Turbulence in the air and the bouncing of the plane add to your anxiety. Set yourself up to understand what it is going to feel like after that event is over. To walk backward in time in a linear time frame, you jump into the future. Envision yourself sitting safely on the ground having a cup of coffee in a coffee shop at your destination, telling a person at the table next to you what a wild ride you have just experienced. Take a deep breath and feel what it is like sitting at that table after the event. Yes, it was scary, but you are okay now. Now, what am I going to do today? What is my next goal and what does that feel like? You have just jumped forward in time. That is walking backward in time and that is practical magic.

Beyond the Days of Atlantis

You have more capabilities to work with this today than ever before. The energy in front of you supports your own creations. You remember great days when you were at the height of your magic. You remember the times of Lemuria and Atlantis. You remember all that with a great love in your own heart, even though some of these most wondrous times later led to difficult outcomes as a result. Yet we tell you that with all those wonderful memories, those days are nothing like what you have created today. You have already surpassed those magical times.

All eyes are upon you dear ones. You are setting the tone for All That Is to step to the next level. Do not look at how difficult that may be or what your responsibilities are, look at how it is going to feel when you say you have done it. Look at how it is going to feel when you say, “Okay. That is over with. Now what am I going to do? Now what is important to me? Now what lights my fire? Now what is exciting to me?” That is the creation trigger that starts everything into motion. You have just experienced 11 days of miracles and if you did not, go back and allow yourself to receive it. Go back and write the script and dare to go forward and understand what the feeling is. “Now that it is all over with, what am I going to do? What are the possibilities?” The possibilities are what activate your infinite self. Let yourself get excited about the possibilities, for you are the greatest creators that have ever walked Planet Earth.

Know that the love and light from Home are always over your shoulder. Know that we have a process with you that we call OverLight, which means that we no longer interfere with your world by showing you the way, for you are doing fine by yourselves. Instead, we shine a beautiful light over your shoulder so that you may see your own path a little more clearly, so that you may step ahead without being afraid of the dark, and so that you may understand the beauty of Home that you are creating on Earth. Take these tools: Play with them, enjoy them. If they bring even a little bit of a smile to just one person, then we have been successful in helping you to re-member Home.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity that you can. Remember that it is a wonderful game you are playing and you are supposed to be having fun. Play well together.
the Group

Connecting the Heart
Loving Life

By Barbara Rother

There is a crisp, fresh exciting feel in the air. I am enjoying living in a new area celebrating spring. It is a fresh start with this season and this area I now call home. Las Vegas has been having very strong winds. As the wind blows it reminds me of the clearing that I have experienced. I have gone through the adjustments of the changes in life and now I am ready to embrace all the new possibilities.

The past months have been a challenge in terms of understanding my feelings. My body, mind and soul were in such a vulnerable state. It seemed I had lost my usually optimistic outlook. I wasn’t being good to my body, between not eating right and the lack of exercise. I felt disconnected from my soul. When I realized last month I just needed to give myself time to adjust to all the many changes I had gone through, I knew then that I would soon be back to my optimistic way of thinking. I have joined a gym and am taking better care of this physical being. I am in touch with my spiritual self again. In short, I am back. It feels good to be me again, but new and improved!

I am opening my receptive cycle. The Group spoke this month about re-writing our own history. I feel that I have just done that as I released old thought patterns and actions that interfere with who I am today. I initiate and nourish new thought patterns and actions that enhance and nourish me. I find happiness down to my very soul. My favorite saying is, “Life just keeps getting better and better.” I had lost that way of thinking for a while. Now, I truly believe these words again. Visualizing myself as a deserving recipient of life’s rewards is a great inspiration for me. I know my thoughts create my reality. I am enjoying my way of thinking again.

I feel like I have been given a second chance. Perhaps I even went through a phantom death. This is what it feels like to me. In fact, a few months ago I had some unexpected news concerning possible health challenges. It took a total of three months to get the test results. As it turned out everything is fine and I am in good health. As I was waiting for the results I was able to put into practice what the Group has shared about feeling forward. It helped to reduce the stress and the fear. Once I heard the results, it felt like a huge burden was lifted. Now I feel such a connection with people around me. I look forward to talking and sharing a smile with all around me. I can’t wait until we travel again to reconnect with spiritual family wherever we go. But it is not only our Lightworker family.

I have been so open to everyone around me. I like to say that I do not know any strangers, for I have always been one to talk to anyone I encounter. I lost that feeling too, for a while. I know when life is just not right for me, I tend to retreat and not shine my light as bright. I was a Lightworker on dim! I am shining brightly again now and can’t wait to connect with everyone. I am determined to make this world a better place. By doing this I will be making my own private world a better place for me. It is that energy circle of what goes around comes around. I remembered when I’m unhappy with what I’m getting out of life, I need to look at what I am putting out there. When I was feeling disconnected to the energy, I found it hard to feel the beauty that is there for me to grasp. Now that I have found my joy again, the abundance of life is surpassing my expectations.

I am deciding what truly matters to me and I invest my time in that. I recently went to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It made me realize the beauty in this world is mine if I choose to take the time to enjoy it. I plan to spend more time visiting museums and appreciating the beauty of art, taking in all that nature has to offer as well. I will listen more to people with all my heart and make soul contact with my eyes. I promise myself to encounter all the newness that greets me everyday. By remembering to enjoy each moment of the day I live in the moment and am not projecting into the future. The future will be as grand as I choose to make it. I know I am blessed in my life. I think it took me going through the divine discontent to appreciate this.

I am sure I sound like I have gone a little overboard with my optimism. My mood meter has definitely swung toward the happy side. I am on a total high of rediscovering the beauty of life. I know I will have my days again when life does not feel so grand. I may swing toward feeling not so positive. I will have days of feeling in the middle of these emotions. This is the pendulum of life. I will always remember this high that I am on now and I know I can connect with this part of myself whenever I need to. This is life and I am loving it!

Love and Light,


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