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Endless cheap alternate energy

Endless cheap alternate energy from under ocean Earth’s Mantle and below

The quest is on for the source of ultimate alternative fuels for the human civilization, as we perceive that fossil fuels are being exhausted. Scientists and engineers are busy finding that alternative fuel. The future human civilization needs a huge amount of energy. The conventional alternatives are solar, hydrogen, wind, and nuclear and biologically generated synthetic fuel.

But all these alternatives have limitation. As in Hydrogen, if you have to spend energy to create energy, it is not an alternative. The solar and wind energy are not concentrated enough. So the researchers looked at alternatives. Soon they realized the amount of energy that is used to move tectonic plates or volcanoes, can feed our civilization for thousands of years. If the energy below earth’s crust can be tapped, it can provide that magic word that we are waiting to hear for years – “cheap unlimited energy forever”.

The earths crust is thinner in certain areas under the ocean. Earth’s mantle is less than 30 to 40 miles deep from the oceanic crust in these areas. Below the crust lies the upper mantle, which is soft and hot. As you travel below you see softer semi rigid mantle and then the liquid outer core. The lower parts of earth’s crust and the upper mantle have enough energy to feed the energy needs of human civilization for many years.

Engineers are busy in trying to tap this energy. Once this energy is tapped and converted to electricity, the problem of fuel will be solved. Factories, cars – you name it – all can run with electricity.

The problem lies in the fact that we cannot drill any further than five miles in earth’s crust. The drill bits deform due to the heat. The upper mantle 50 miles below the earth’s crust has a temperature 870 degree Celsius. That temperature is more than enough to generate unending superheated steam. That can create endless amount of electricity in a turbine driven generator. That electricity can be brought to the earth’s crust and used as cheap endless alternate energy. Today, natural gas, coal, diesel or nuclear energy is used to heat the water to generate superheated steam and that runs a turbine to generate electricity. If the energy below the earths crust in the mantle can be tapped, it will provide unlimited energy.

It is a material engineering issue. We need materials that can withstand high temperature and still possess the hardness and tensile characteristics. Engineers are busy modeling these super synthetic materials using complex computer models. Some prototypes are being tested. Synthetic materials will allow running super heated steam driven turbines near the earth’s mantle that will generate unlimited cheap electricity to feed the human civilization for thousands of years to come.


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