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Choosing your own Mission for 2005

Conscious Contracting: Choosing your own Mission for 2005.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Lightworkers and Human Angels of the Fifth-Dimensional Earth, you are truly blessed! It is time to gather all your energies and to begin creating the New Earth. It is time to open your hearts and to understand that the foundation of the New Earth, its founding energies, will be Compassion, Love and Creativity. As you connect with and manifest these energies, so the New Earth will be created through your work.

But, we have a special message of love and joy for you as Lightworkers. Because you have awakened and ascended, you are now in the glorious position of being conscious co-creators of your own reality. You are also now in a position to consciously co-create your new contract, or "mission" or "life purpose" in 2005. You no longer have to wait for your guidance or your higher self alone to determine this contract, you have a voice in the work that you will choose to do. All you need to do is to follow the Fifth-Dimensional guidelines we offer here to determine how to draw up your own contract.

As we stated earlier, the key elements are Compassion, Love and Creativity. And to that we will add Service and Passion and Free Choice.

You are given Free Choice to find a path of service. Your chosen service should be aligned with the principles of the Fifth-Dimensional New Earth and should be a living demonstration of Compassion and Love in action. Within these parameters, we ask you to seek your Passion.

What is it that makes you passionate? Is it the Earth herself and the Ecology? Is it children and their welfare? Is it helping those less fortunate than yourself or those who are in trauma?

What is it that you wish to share of yourself? What are your talents and gifts, and how can you offer them to the creation of the New Earth?

Now, more than ever before, it is time for Lightworkers to be truly grounded and offer their talents to their fellow humans. Engage in projects, community or global, that are aligned with your beliefs of what a Fifth-Dimensional Earth will be. The Planet needs the energy of each and every one of you at this time!

The important thing now is to use your individual power and energy to make a real difference. You are infinitely powerful as Human Angels. You can make a difference. Use that power to create the New Earth. And understand that if you are powerful as individuals, you are even more powerful as groups and networks. Seek out people who hold your values and work with them to manifest the New Earth that is ready to be born. It will be your creation!

This is the moment you have worked for and waited for. Make your choices, take out your contracts, and make the commitment to your work. The choice is yours, the passion is yours. We in the Spirit realm are here to support you and guide you to each other, once you have stated what it is that you will do. You need only state your Intention as your indication of accepting a contract, and we will do the rest. We are truly your Partners in the Creation of the New Earth!


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