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The word Christ means "The Anointed One". The First Emanation of the Essence of God, the Absolute - the Source of our Beingness - in Judeo Christian terminology the Spirit of God is referred to as: The Father's Son or, Christ Consciousness - and in hermetic and esoteric terminology, It is referred to as: the first Blueprint of possibilities. This divine BLUEPRINT when activated awakens Consciousness to its divine Nature, and allows It to accomplish and complete the Divine Plan.

In terms of our physical universe, and the world in which we have our being, the Christ or Cosmic Consciousness represents the healing and REDEMPTIVE medium, the vehicle that sets in motion the spiritual "blueprint" or spiritual DNA in our own limited level of consciousness, healing the "wounds" created by the illusionary separation of the ego personalities of man - thus, this Redemptive Power stops and brings to a close the divine Hypnosis in which the ego was plunged. However, this divine Hypnosis was a necessary step to help Consciousness create the EGO of man; this was a necessary step in the evolutionary cycle of life.... from unconsciousness to self consciousness and from self consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness... These are evolutionary steps on the ladder of CONSCIOUSNESS - these steps unfold different stages and planes of existence that allow Consciousness to take form and express whatever it needs to commune...and manifest.

As we have just said, the ego is formed so that UNCONSCIOUSNESS of BEING becomes CONSCIOUS of BEING... Reflect on this idea... To begin with the ego needs to believe that it is a separated subject from the rest of creation - it is still far from understanding its own function and remains ignorant of its own Source... Later, as a seeker, the ego's level of self-consciousness unfolds a inner process of inquiry into the nature of Being... and gradually it discovers its own uncorrupted Nature, which is unveiled with the appearance of the Seal of the "Anointed One" or Christ Consciousness... This divine Nature gives rise to the "ego" the realization that it is nothing more than a projection and a shadow of Christ or Cosmic Consciousness functioning in duality - in other words the ego self represents the stage when the Blueprint of Christ or Cosmic Consciousness is still in its unconscious and ignorant state... So when Redemption happens then self-consciousness is Baptized with Fire and Light and it becomes the ANOINTED One, the One who knows that all forms of creation are "God's dreams, thoughts, ideas and children". These are all creations of the same Absolute Intelligence - the Source of our Beingness...

Thus, when by the Grace of God, the process of awakening happens in a seeker, then Self-consciousness turns gradually into Cosmic Consciousness and the seeker becomes an anointed Sonship of the Divine Light... Thus, the seeker becomes an enlightened being working from within the inner Spheres where the Spirit of Christ Consciousness dwells. We, as self-conscious seekers are living in a world of duality, a world created by our mental and emotional patterns, a world in which we feel alienated and divided between "me and you" - between "good and evil". This is called in certain circles "the Fall", which simply means that at the level of the Fall, consciousness is still slumbering and unconscious of its own Source...of its own possibilities. Christ Consciousness comes to restore the Perfect IMAGE - the PERFECT MODEL and the semblance that was lost, and this spiritual BLUEPRINT or DNA unfolds in Intuition… New horizons... New possibilities... New threshold gates - A new Initiation that reveals the actual Garment of Light that was for eons inactive and latent in our Spiritual Blueprint and DNA... When the hour of our Redemption happens, then, this Garment of Light unfolds the SON of Man... the AWAKENED ONE... in the flesh (which is the original Adam Kadmon).

And through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, awakened seekers are transformed into Holy Grails- the purified vehicles for the Spirit of YESHUA to function properly as Christ Consciousness in the world of duality. This is a great mystery... but what can be said about it is, that it means the level of the " ego self" assumes a new relationship with the Source of Being - which is the Center of the Absolute God, the Father of us all.

Another esoteric and hermetic teaching is that CHRIST Energy unfolds the BODY OF LIGHT: The sanctified body working and witnessing in harmony with Christ or Cosmic Consciousness.


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