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Befitting the name, clairaudience is closely linked with clairvoyance. However, where clairvoyance is seeing, clairaudience is hearing. Itís strongly recommended that you also read the section on clairvoyance, as I will be referring to many of the same concepts here.

Clairaudience is often more difficult to pin down than clairvoyance, and carries the same stigmas attached to it. The main example being if you claim to Ďhear voicesí, itís automatically assumed that you suffer from psychosis. This is unfortunate, given that with most cases Iíve seen, the clairaudient is very much sane.

As with clairvoyance, the two main forms of Ďclear-hearingí come as either physical or non-physical - the latter of which is often referred to as mindspeech. Physical, in itself, can be of a large range of things, although undoubtedly the most publicised is the Ďvoicesí - speaking to spirits. When someone is being ordered to do things against their nature by voices, it could either be a genuine case of mental instability, or clairaudient communication with a mischievous or malicious spirit. In either case, itís a disorder that must be corrected - I donít pretend to believe that all people in mental institutions are clairaudients, but nor do I accept that all of them are crazy, in the common understanding of the word. Unrestrained clairaudience can be an enormous drain on both spirit and body, especially in cases where it is dealing with other sentient spirits. So a working knowledge in that area is essential before trying to use it in any great depth.

But this field is not just limited to conversations with spirits, although that is one of the main areas, in my experience. Another facet of the physical hearing is picking up on higher frequencies. In the modern world, ruled by computers, radios, televisions, and other electrical devices, high frequency signals are constantly being sent through the air - some lower, and some higher than others. Some clairaudients find this a problem, tuning in to useless and unwanted Ďwhite noiseí. Speaking from personal experience, it has recently become almost impossible for me to spend any length of time around certain electrical items. Photocopiers, security systems, and some computers are the worst, to my ears, giving off a high-pitched whining sound that is often physically painful. This is a new development, only surfacing in the last few years after I have been working on my clairaudience. My focus is apparently completely in the higher frequencies, as I find my normal hearing ! - on the lower levels - to be a bit below average, and Iím not far short of deaf to people with very low-pitched voices, which can be very frustrating. Iíve heard similar accounts from other people, everything from televisions to electrical power lines. While hearing spirits can be either physical or non-physical hearing, tuning in to the electrical frequencies is - to my knowledge -always physical.

While hearing spirits physically can often be better verification, itís more common to hear them non-physically, using mindspeech. I often think of it as our thoughts being our astral voices. Mindspeech can, of course, be used for other things, one purpose that springs to mind being communication with friends or family over long distances.

As you can imagine itís very hard to distinguish between speaking to another person/spirit and talking to yourself when it all happens inside your head. There are methods though: different energy signatures (ie, Ďfeelí), different voice/accent/style, and new knowledge not already known by the recipient. It is very much an acquired skill to be able to know the difference, and one that only comes with practice and a great deal of patience.

This are many things that can be done with clairaudience. Iíve had endless hours of fascinating conversation with different spirits, learning new things and teaching in return. (note: Common sense should obviously be used when choosing to speak with another spirit, and itís advised that you be proficient in at least some form of psychic protection - as itís better to be safe than sorry). It can also be used in psychic readings, or other divination techniques to find information otherwise hidden. And it is helpful as a personal guide when focussing on intuition. The possibilities are limited only by your perception.


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