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Clues to time travel

Clues to time travel and to other Parallel Universes bending time and space - a hole in the Universe as neutron stars and black holes collide and implode

Scientists are realizing that dense neutron stars collide all the time and create massive gravitational waves. The collision results in a massive black hole that finally creates a “theoretical hole” in the Universe.

A pair of gargantuan black holes often inhabit the same galaxy and will eventually merge with a violence that will slingshot stars out of the galaxy’s center and unleash a torrent of radiation and gravitational energy.

Astronomers are closely watching many neutron stars and black holes that are orbiting against each other and are about to collide. When that happens gravitational waves are created that have very serious implication on the whole Universe.

What are astonishing findings in recent days is the fact that during formation of the Black Holes with neutron stars colliding, imploding and collapsing, the gravitational radiation generated creates an opening in the space and time of our Universe. The opening is at the other end of the Black hole.

When massive black holes collide much lager openings in the Universe is created. All these are associated with massive unleash of a torrent of radiation and gravitational energy.

This also provides clues to travel from our Universe to other parallel Universe. The implications are heavy and the first scientific basis for bending space and time.

During the collision "gravitational radiation waves," which is spawned in the final seconds prior to the mighty mergers creates the necessary ingredients necessary for bending time and space.

The concept is critical for travel within and out of our Universe.

Scientists call these emissions -- which have yet to be directly detected -- the theoretical "death chirp" of a neutron-star pair. Similar emissions are expected in black hole mergers.

Existence of gravitational radiation, as it is also called, is an important confirmation of Einstein's theory of general relativity.

Scientists and engineers infer that artificial creation and use of radiation and gravitational energy will someday allow us to travel to other time dimensions and parallel Universes.


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