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Collision of two other universes

Our universe was created by the collision of two other universes – big bangs happening all the time in higher dimensional hyperspace

Scientists are slowly acknowledging that the big bang was not the start of everything - it was just a process by which new universes are born all the time. The hyperspace and multidimensional time was there. The hyperspace consists of at least eleven dimensions. There are at least seven parallel universes in our vicinity. And in the whole hyperspace there is infinite number of universes. The way a new universe is born is as follows: two parallel universes sometimes collide, At that point the universes start imploding and form one little point containing all the matter and energy. That point experiences what we know as the big bang. A new universe with specific dimensions is created which starts expanding like a bubble again.

The process is similar to a pot of boiling water. Bubbles are formed, they expand, collide and new bubbles are formed. Similarly in the endless hyperspace, universes are bubbles that are born with big bangs. The universes expand and if two of these bubble universes collide (happening all the time), the universes go through a multidimensional collapse of matter, time and energy in an imploding process. The point source created with hyper-dimensional implosion process goes through a process of super explosion or expansion - the big bang. A new Universe is born till it expands enough to collide with another Universe.

The collision of Universes are not that simple. The hyperspace has at least eleven dimensions and possibly many more. And therefore some parallel universes exist less that one-millimeter away from us. The universes overlap. So you may be questioning what do you mean by Universes collide?

These parallel universes exist in much higher dimensional hyperspace. It is not physical collision in three dimensions that make the Universes collide. That probably happens once in a million cases. But the collision of Universes happens when two parallel universes with different dimensions try to occupy the same spatial structure in the hyperspace. Parallel universes have different dimensions. When two parallel universes have a common dimension other than the multidimensional time and their natural expansion over these common dimension make both universes demand the same spatial in the hyperspace, a collision occurs. The hyper-implosion sets in a process of collapsing everything in the two parallel universes into a point and start of new big –bang.

This is process of birth and death of universes. There are parallel universes out there expanding like that of ours. And at some point of time, our Universe will collide with another. A new Universe will be born again through the process of hyper-implosion followed by a big bang.


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