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Communicating with advanced aliens

Communicating with advanced aliens in the other Universes and Hyperspace

Scientists wonder how we can communicate with the aliens in other Universes and the Hyperspace. Radio waves in various frequencies that we expect them to communicate with does not work in Hyperspace or other Universe of higher spatial dimensions.

They communicate through wave energies and varying levels of intensities. To understand the communication methods of these alien civilization, we need to first under the structure of the hyperspace and other Universes.

Our 3-D Physical Universe floats in the 5-D Hyperspace. Other Universes including some parallel universes can have infinite number of dimensions.

Beneath our universe, there is a 5-D world (hyperspace) with particles that are “virtual” to us, since they cross our universe only from time to time. In this world, there are only quantum waves and Zero Point-particles. Hyperspace is interfaced to our universe through small windows (fermions) and larger “tunnels” (BHs, Neutron Stars, etc.). Beneath hyperspace, there is an absolutely flat universe that represents the, so called, “Big Chill,” since at this mysterious stage, there remains no energy of any kind at all. Within the hyperspace infinite number of Universes are being created and after reaching the stage of maturity and stability are destroyed when two of the Universes demand the spatial positions.

So the only stable and common factors between our physical universe and the other universes as well as the Hyperspace are quantum waves and Zero Point-particles. And that is exactly what must be used to communicate with the alien civilization.

Scientists are experimenting communications with the help of quantum waves. These waves also resemble our brain pattern. Some believe we communicate with ourselves in the Hyperspace through these quantum waves as well as exchange of fermions. Of course the Blackholes and neutron stars are also large components of the whole equation. And they provide sufficient clues on wave resonating and wave fluctuating communication methods.


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