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The concept of negative time

The concept of negative time common in the parallel universes and fascinating to live through

In the physical universe, the concept of time is always positive. However there are simultaneous parallel time dimensions within the physical universes. Every physical universe is associated with one time dimension and innumerable parallel time dimensions. The concept of time is always starts at zero the time of the big bang in the physical universe.

But according to researchers in contemporary physics, the parallel universes have the concept of no time dimension and time can become negative in that environment. The time dimension that allows time as negative value makes strange things happen. One can literally fabricate the future in that environment from the past and them come to the present. A spatial with no time concept built in is not a point of singularity.

What really happens in the parallel universe, the lack of time as a dimension or presence of time dimension that allows negative time makes living through that environment very different form the physical universe. Space becomes finite and time becomes non-existent or retraceable factor. Like we can walk around in the physical universe from point A to point B, in the parallel universe, it is possible to walk from one time to the next time. Even it is possible to travel to negative reference value in time.

The best way the negative time factor or value can be expressed is when an entity crosses the physical universe to a parallel universe through a specific wormhole. The moment the point of singularity is crossed, the entity enters the time zone marked as negative in physical universe and null or non-existent in the parallel universe.

Multidimensional time can also span across the physical and parallel universes. That is the reason why mind regression tests and experiments show very strange results. The minds and souls can travel from one time dimension to the other and while do so sometimes they fall into parallel universes of higher dimensions. At that point of time, the mind regression experiment looses its touch with the soul telling all these. As minds regress multiple time dimension spanning across physical and parallel universes, the experiments show gaps. This is because no one can regress into a parallel universe from the existence in a physical universe. It is similar to trying finding air in the vacuum. All that you can do is experience the emptiness or lack of anything from the side of the physical universe.


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