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Before dealing with the more practical aspects of this topic, "What is It,and what does It mean?" It is much discussed and bruited about in the various magazines on Astrology and related subjects. It involves the idea of the Next Phase in Human Evolution, approaching the end of this century induces speculation aided by the prophecies of Nostradamus and Mother Shipton, and not least the words attributed to Jesus about the sun giving "No light for three days and the moon the colour of blood", in The New Testament. It was naturally assumed that this would occur in association with an atomic holocaust and its aftermath, and if it had not been for the timely interference and protection originating from outside the earth it may well have happened. I refer to the crisis of 1962, when the two world powers were poised to release a swarm of missiles carrying atomic bombs onto each other.

The rate of vibration in all earthly substance is being speeded upon all levels, and that is the crux of the matter. It is affecting our minds and the very fabric of which our bodily vehicles are made up. Society as a whole is suffering stress and rapid changes,as evident in the development of communications and localised wars of unprecedented fury and massacre of civilians under the euphemism of "ethnic cleansing". These sad little wars have resulted in neighbours who have lived peacefully in the same street turning and slaughtering each other on the basis that they are either practising a diferent religion, or are from an opposing tribal background. In this way, the negative aspect of things is only too familiar in the world as portrayed on television, the positive is not so obvious. This planet is being subjected to a great influx of energies from a higher octave, stimulating its very substance and every lifestream. In other words everything is being "speeded up", to use a phrase totally inadequate.You hear that "time is going so much faster", which of course is ridiculous but the assertion that the subjective side of life is so affected is not.The process of evolution is accelerating and for the most part we are not well prepared for it. The New Age, so-called, is a phase during which the world will be transformed into Utopia (of which everyone has a different idea) and that the days of tribulation are a precursor of better things to come.

This may well be true, but is not going to happen overnight, and I suspect is going to take a long time.The idea is rife in metaphysical circles that there is a quantum jump in evolution in the offing and speculation as to when? There are some who speak with authority on the proposed date, but rest assured that it is not known even in the highest echelons of the Hierarchy.The new conditions will be for those who can stand the course, necessitating a long series of embodiments, ultimately allowing greatly enhanced mental powers together with subjection of all the passions and frailties which plague us today which make us more like sophisticated robots, predictable to a degree in accordance to whatever stimuli are afforded by the environment.A world in which there is to be co-operation instead of competition and strife?

Behind all the blather about what The New Age is, it really boils down the fact that we are labouring under an enormous Karmic Debt and that the Spiritual Crisis of many centuries is now in a crisis of crises, and without certain measures, yet to be described, we would have been eliminated from the surface of the earth. The entity which is physically manifest as the planet has long delayed its own evolutionary progress, until changes in the intelligent life forms would be able to withstand the increase in the solarand cosmic radiation, and the subsequent increase in the vibratory rate of all atoms. And so, a recidivist race unable to to evolve in step with its host caused it to sacrifice itself in this way, but only so long as permitted by Karmic Law.This, has been the deciding factor in the first step in the journey into The New Age conditions, only because things are being controlled to the extent that energy is being released gradually by The Logos of the earth, are we still here. Some of us are are not adapting very well,as can be seen by looking at the world through our own eyes and also by that shown in the Media. Eventually,a good part of us will have to move on because of this problem, the remainder will "inherit the earth".There is no turning back, we are prisoners in the stream of time. Liberation from Time, as we know it, is possible in the vista of remote evolutionary phases described in The Nine Freedoms. Meanwhile we are stuck with Time in a long series of repeated incarnations, but let us remember that such is only a very short period in terms of Cosmic Time.


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