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The Conscious Breath

The Conscious Breath

This unique meditation breathing technique is a key to accessing your subconscious & conscious minds and having them work together as one. This helps you set and achieve goals, change negative programming to positive, transcend "brain chatter" and even the limits of your body. Having them work together as one is important, because if you want to achieve "goal success", you don't want those two aspects pulling in different directions.

The "Conscious Breath" meditation allows you to become aware of your breathing, without controlling it. By practicing it, you will gain both sub-conscious control and conscious mind/subconscious mind integration.


Sit with your spine erect if possible. If not, lay down. Relax and sort of watch your body breathe. Just pay attention to the fact that it's happening without "you" doing anything, and keep your mind focused on the breath going in and out, without interfering with it.

The trick is to let your subconscious mind control your breathing for you (like your body does normally), but pay attention to it. I.e., be CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of your breathing while that is happening.

Don't try and control it. This mediation requires a passive concentration. By doing this, over time you will eventually attain an integration of sub-conscious and conscious, which has many, many benefits Thatís all there is to it.

At first, until your concentration develops, your mind will wander all over the place. As soon as you realize that your mind has wandered, bring it right back to watching yourself breathe. Donít waste energy reprimanding yourself for not maintaining concentration, that just creates an unnecessary struggle which allows frustration to occur. Frustration is a negative emotion that counteracts your efforts for inner peace and relaxation.

Note: Bringing yourself back to the object of concentration immediately upon recognizing that youíve wandered off, applies to all concentration/meditation techniques.

Besides those discussed above, one result of bridging the two minds is that the conscious mind becomes still and quiet. You get more inner peace as you become free from the constant "internal noise" in your brain, while lessening your reaction to the external stimuli that prevents/blocks you from becoming a "reflection" of higher states of awareness & consciousness. This meditation (that has Tibetan roots) is great for that.


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