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No. Name Abbrev. Meaning Genitive form

1: Andromeda (And) the Chained Maiden (Andromedae)

2: Antilia (Ant) the Air Pump (Antiliae)

3: Apus (Aps) the Bird of Paradise (Apodis)

4: Aquarius * (Aqu) the Water Bearer (Aquarii)

5: Aquila (Aql) the Eagle (Aquilae)

6: Ara (Ara) the Altar (Arae)

7: Aries * (Ari) the Ram (Arietis)

8: Auriga (Aur) the Charioteer (Aurigae)

9: Bootes (Boo) the Herdsman (Bootis)

10: Caelum (Cae) the Chisel (Caeli)

11: Camelopardalis (Cam) the Giraffe (Camelopardalis)

12: Cancer * (Cnc) the Crab (Cancri)

13: Canes Venatici (CVn) the Hunting Dogs (Canum Venaticorum)

14: Canis Major (CMa) the Great Dog (Canis Majoris)

15: Canis Minor (CMi) the Little Dog (Canis Minoris)

16: Capricornus * (Cap) the Sea Goat (Capricorni)

17: Carina (Car) the Keel (Carinae)

18: Cassiopeia (Cas) the Queen (Cassiopeiae)

19: Centaurus (Cen) the Centaur (Centauri)

20: Cepheus (Cep) the King (Cephei)

21: Cetus (Cet) the Sea Monster (Ceti)

22: Chamaeleon (Cha) the Chameleon (Chamaeleontis)

23: Circinus (Cir) the Drawing Compass (Circini)

24: Columba (Col) the Dove (Columbae)

25: Coma Berenices (Com) Berenice's Hair (Comae Berenices)

26: Corona Australis (CrA) the Southern Crown (Coronae Australis)

27: Corona Borealis (CrB) the Northern Crown (Coronae Borealis)

28: Corvus (Crv) the Crow (Corvi)

29: Crater (Crt) the Cup (Crateris)

30: Crux (Cru) the Southern Cross (Crucis)

31: Cygnus (Cyg) the Swan (Cygni)

32: Delphinus (Del) the Dolphin (Delphini)

33: Dorado (Dor) the Dolphinfish (Doradus)

34: Draco (Dra) the Dragon (Draconis)

35: Equuleus (Equ) the Little Horse (Equulei)

36: Eridanus (Eri) the River (Eridani)

37: Fornax (For) the Furnace (Fornacis)

38: Gemini * (Gem) the Twins (Geminorum)

39: Grus (Gru) the Crane (Gruis)

40: Hercules (Her) the Strongman (Herculis)

41: Horologium (Hor) the Clock (Horologii)

42: Hydra (Hya) the Sea Serpent (Hydrae)

43: Hydrus (Hyi) the Water Snake (Hydri)

44: Indus (Ind) the Indian (Indi)

45: Lacerta (Lac) the Lizard (Lacertae)

46: Leo * (Leo) the Lion (Leonis)

47: Leo Minor (LMi) the Little Lion (Leonis Minoris)

48: Lepus (Lep) the Hare (Leporis)

49: Libra * (Lib) the Scales (Librae)

50: Lupus (Lup) the Wolf (Lupi)

51: Lynx (Lyn) the Lynx (Lyncis)

52: Lyra (Lyr) the Lyre (Lyrae)

53: Mensa (Men) the Table Mountain (Mensae)

54: Microscopium (Mic) the Microscope (Microscopii)

55: Monoceros (Mon) the Unicorn (Monocerotis)

56: Musca (Mus) the Fly (Muscae)

57: Norma (Nor) the Level (Normae)

58: Octans (Oct) the Octant (Octanis)

59: Ophiuchus (Oph) the Serpent Bearer (Ophiuchi)

60: Orion (Ori) the Hunter (Orionis)

61: Pavo (Pav) the Peacock (Pavonis)

62: Pegasus (Peg) the Winged Horse (Pegasi)

63: Perseus (Per) the Hero (Persei)

64: Phoenix (Phe) the Phoenix (Phoenicis)

65: Pictor (Pic) the Painter (Pictoris)

66: Pisces * (Psc) the Fishes (Piscium)

67: Piscis Austrinus (PsA) the Southern Fish (Piscis Austrini)

68: Puppis (Pup) the Stern (Puppis)

69: Pyxis (Pyx) the Compass (Pyxidis)

70: Reticulum (Ret) the Net (Reticuli)

71: Sagitta (Sge) the Arrow (Sagittae)

72: Sagittarius * (Sgr) the Archer (Sagittarii)

73: Scorpius * (Sco) the Scorpion (Scorpii)

74: Sculptor (Scl) the Sculptor (Sculptoris)

75: Scutum (Sct) the Shield (Scuti)

76: Serpens Caput/Cauda (Ser) Head/Tail of the Snake (Serpenis)

77: Sextans (Sex) the Sextant (Sextantis)

78: Taurus * (Tau) the Bull (Tauri)

79: Telescopium (Tel) the Telescope (Telescopii)

80: Triangulum (Tri) the Triangle (Trianguli)

81: Triangulum Australe (TrA) the Southern Triangle (Trianguli Australis)

82: Tucana (Tuc) the Toucan (Tucanae)

83: Ursa Major (UMa) the Great Bear (Ursae Majoris)

84: Ursa Minor (UMi) the Little Bear (Ursae Minoris)

85: Vela (Vel) the Sail (Velorum)

86: Virgo * (Vir) the Virgin (Virginis)

87: Volans (Vol) the Flying Fish (Volantis)

88: Vulpecula (Vul) the Fox (Vulpeculae)


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