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Controlling the Gravity

Controlling the Gravity - the most sophisticated weapon research initiatives of creating artificial mini-black holes

Every advanced country at this time is focusing their military research on controlling the gravity. The concept of superconductor is allowing scientists and technologists in creating the electromagnetic flux needed to produce the directional force that provides the anti-gravity or increased-gravity effects.

If gravity can be controlled, then all the contemporary military hardware and ammunition can become obsolete. The most sophisticated weapons research initiatives really hinges on creating the anti-gravity or increased gravity effects.

Taking the clue from the black holes where humongous burnt out stars form points in the Universe which absorb matter and energy, scientists in many countries are trying to develop mini-black holes artificially that will literally absorb all enemy army and associated hardware.

Once these mini-black holes are created, the enemy is helpless because all incoming missiles are absorbed by the black-hole defense systems.

There are on-going research on controlling the ionosphere by which incoming ballistic missiles that need reentry into the earth’s atmosphere can be “fried” as far as the electronics is concerned. But the cruise missiles are not effected by these controlled ionosphere since they traverse at comparatively low altitude and never really leaves earth's atmosphere.

The mini-black hole effects can be created anywhere to absorb and destroy incoming missiles. If the same effects can be created on the enemy bunkers, deep underground bunkers can be destroyed.

The opposite of this – the anti-gravity effects allow easy lift and propulsion. If this effect can be produced in the ocean, stealth contemporary submarines with nukes will surface and be vulnerable to conventional firepower.

The use of gravity manipulation in starwars type combats has much more implications.

Use of gravity manipulation in low scale can make the enemy firepower lose target as well as thrust capabilities.

Missiles can go up only to come back as boomerang.

The manipulation of gravity however, will cause some severe effects on earth’s crust and tectonic plates.

Anti-gravity effects will allow easy propulsion of spacecrafts. It will also become the ultimate alternative energy.


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