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Controlling the ion characteristics

Controlling the ion characteristics in the atmosphere enables controlling the human mind and body

Have you ever thought why countries like Iraq surrendered almost without a fight.
Have you ever thought why Ukranians voters flipped and then flopped?
Have you ever thought how in China the Tibetans and the dissidents are kept under control?
In spite of strong urge to independence why Taiwanese elected a Government that will not ask for independence?

Do you know that human mind and body can be controlled using the ion characteristics in the atmosphere?

This is the subject of research in America, Russia, China, Japan, Europe and even in India. This technology is used to increase agricultural output, lower the morale of the enemy and even control the sentiment of the stock market players.

Most of the information is classified. Militaries of many countries are actively working on these technologies.

HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM (HAARP) is one such program in America with collaborations of Canada. But many countries have the same kinds of projects. According to sources, HAARP is primarily a disinformation used by America. Actual projects under the American Department of Defense are completely classified.

Increasing the amount of positive ions makes the enemy soldiers reluctant to fight. The same can cause heart attacks in massive scale among a population. This same technology can be used to shield a country from any enemy missiles, aircrafts and electronic trajectories by frying all the electronics and making the incoming missile blind.

Solar storms cause such effects too. But human made ion changing experiments can cause massive effects in human mind and body.

Future weapons can be made of ion changers instead of guns. A would be rapist can be made to scare away, a thug can be made lethargic and a murderer or terrorist can be mentally neutralized


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