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Core collapse supernovae

Core collapse supernovae resulting in Blackhole or Neutron star carefully controlled by the Hyperspace and the underlying chilled or flat Universe

Core collapse supernovae are the spectacular explosions that mark the violent deaths of massive stars. But what is really behind these spectacular events that opens up another window connecting our physical Universe to the Hyperspace?

These events are the most energetic explosions in the cosmos, releasing energy of order 10^{53} erg at the staggering rate of 10^{45-46} watts. Every source point of gravity and electromagnetic force field in the 3-D Universe has an opening to the Hyperspace through the Fermions the so-called small windows to the 5-D Hyperspace.

The gravity and the electromagnetic force fields are physical manifestation of the Hyperspace suction through the Fermions. The 3-D physical universe is in equilibrium through the balance between the gravitational forces, the dark matter anti-gravity forces and the electromagnetic force fields all over the 3-D physical Universe.

As the bubble or Universe grows/expands, it needs structural load bearing beams so that the Hyperspace can support the Universe. At that point of time the Hyperspace initiates or triggers the core collapse supernovae process that will result in a Blackhole or Neutron stars.

According to contemporary research and recent dissertations, core collapse supernovae occur when the iron core of a massive star collapses due to the force of gravity or suction force of the Hyperspace. The Hyperspace increases the suction force and hence the gravitational effect to make the core of a star collapse.

What is astounding is that scientists in recent days are finding that not only core collapse of stars but also other events in the Universe are controlled by the gravitational and electromagnetic force fields from the Hyperspace.

The chilled or flat Universe underneath the Hyperspace actually is in charge. The Hyperspace receives signals from the Chilled Universe beneath it. Hyperspace at that point executes cosmic events within the innumerable Universes floating in the Hyperspace like bubbles in the ocean.


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