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An Article on Crystal Skulls

An Article on Crystal Skulls

Today the topic of quartz crystals is a hot item! You will find books about crystals in almost every bookstore (even non- metaphysical ones). There is a great battle occurring between holistic doctors/healers and the traditional medical profession about whether crystals can actually be effective in facilitating some form of healing. However, the intention of this article is to go beyond what has been publicly shared on this topic and discuss one of the most amazing uses of quartz by the ancients -- the Crystal Skulls.

Ancient skulls

What are we referring to when we say a Crystal Skull? A Crystal Skull is a piece of quartz crystal shaped in the form (or approximating that) of a human skull. There are two types of skulls that exist, those which have been carved in a known process by modern-day craftsmen, thus these are called contemporary skulls and others which have been discovered in or near ancient ruins, known as old or ancient crystal skulls. The most interesting of these skulls are the ancients one which are human size or larger. In working with these ancient crystal skulls, we find an incredible energy generally linked to the artifact and many strange physical phenomena.

The places where the human sized ancient crystal skulls have been found in are predominately various ruins (Mayan, Aztec, etc ....) in Mexico or Central America with unsupported rumors of some skulls being discovered in South America. Recently, other crystal skulls have been uncovered in other parts of the world as well. Thus far, four types of ancient quartz skulls are known including clear quartz, amethyst (purple), rose quartz (pink) and smoky quartz (from grey to black). The contemporary carved Crystal Skulls are being manufactured in Brazil, China, the United States, Mexico and Germany and there are many local crystal stores which sell some of these skulls as well. The ancient skulls not only have baffled our scientists (when a skull was available for research) regarding how they were made, but they have a great deal of psychic phenomena that occur around them. For example, several of ancient skulls have been brought to Hewlett-Packard, located in the San Francisco area. Hewlett- Packard (HP), long known as a manufacturer of printers and computer systems, has one of the most extensive scientific and crystal research laboratories in the world. The scientist working at HP, who had a chance to work with some of these ancient crystal skulls were hard pressed to explain how a primitive culture could have carved crystal into such precise shapes and especially against the natural axis of the crystal without the use of sophisticated tools.


Crystal is a substance that has a perfect symmetry of alignment on a molecular level. When a carver cuts crystal, if they attempt to carve against this axis, the crystal begins to shatter. Even with the elaborate laser equipment that is available today, it would be very difficult to manufacture such a Crystal Skull that is so precise and fashioned against the natural symmetry of the crystal. Of course, this does not even begin to address the strange psychic phenomena that has been recorded that occurs in the presence of an ancient Crystal Skull.

A Brief Summary of known Ancient/Old Crystal Skulls

There is no known process that can date a crystal skull. Carbon 14 dating works only on organic substances of which quartz crystal is not. Therefore, so far, one of the main ways to identify the older crystal skulls is to work with trained sensitives as well as observe people's experiences in the presence of a crystal skull. Alternatively, another method is look closely at the surface of the quartz for tool marks (using a high powered microscope) which is found in all the modern skulls that are carved today. If a large majority of the sensitives working with a particular crystal skull feels to be very old (could be a thousand or more years old), then we generally believe that this could be an ancient crystal skull. Also we consider the legends around the skulls as well or how powerfully they energetically affect people who touch them. Another good source in determing the age is to work with indigenous elders if they are open to do so and share their information. We are hoping in the future to come up with a better system to be able to classify and rate each new crystal skull that appears as well as develop more precise ways of testing.

Spiritual Journey to Peru

As one can see, more and more crystal skulls seem to be popping up into the public's attention. Since the year of 1995 alone, I have become acquainted with the existence of more then 10 other skulls which could be ancient or old. Additionally, since 1990, when I took a spiritual journey to Peru, I continue to see in my mind's eye around me, what appears to be a clear blue quartz skull (not the same skull mentioned above). Where it is exactly and if I will ever meet this skull, I do not know but I have felt it to be high in the Andes mountains and have been guided to a specific location on two occasions. One of my goals or visions is to eventually create a crystal skull conclave where all the caretakers of ancient crystal skulls as well as serious researchers and special indigenous elders can meet and share their specialized knowledge. Now lets move on to an analysis of the type of activities that happen around the crystal skulls and some theories.

Other Characteristics of the Crystal Skulls and How Many

There are a number of other crystal skulls that have been reported which some people feel are ancient, but the ones I have listed in this article are the main skulls which first came out publicly. As to how many ancient (master) crystal skulls exists, there is a magic number of "13" that is discussed by many sensitives and researchers who have psychicly/physically worked with some of the purportedly ancient crystal skulls known. I personally feel due to the similarities found in the shape and size of the different skulls known, that we will uncover many more ancient skulls than this number that has been given. I would prefer to say that I believe there exists different sets of "13" skulls that might work together in some capacity, some of which the skulls all have the same form and shape and other sets with a greater variety. In time, we will have a better idea of the exact number as more and more crystal skulls come forward.

What type of unusual phenomena has occurred around the Crystal Skulls? Some people who have been in the presence of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull have told the owner that they received a healing of some type or found that their psychic abilities became expanded afterwards. In other words, the crystal skulls have interacted with various individuals in some form of energetic fashion. Other people have fallen into a trance or gone unconscious when they are around this skull and come back with some new information or insights. But the most dramatic phenomena which occurs around the Crystal Skulls are the holographic images which appear inside of the crystal skulls when they are activated. This activation has occurred by exposing the crystal skull to a combination of color, light, sound or even human energy. Some of the scenes that people report seeing within the skulls (this is also called scrying) are UFOs, Big Foot, Unicorns, flying people, mermaids, dolphins, whales, mountains, other Crystal Skulls, alien beings, forest, caves, etc ... To this date, no one is quite sure of the exact process which generates these pictures because to do so would mean we would have to admit that it is possible for a solid object to change its form. Even when the co-authors of our book have done public lectures just sharing slides of the ancient crystal skulls or video, there are always people who see these holographic images within the images of the crystal skulls!

Purpose and Theories about the Crystal Skulls

Based upon various research conducted upon these artifacts, the following theories have been proposed: We believe the Crystal Skulls are a form of computer which are able to record energy and vibration that occur around the them. The skull can and will pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come into contact with them (i.e. - they contain the history of our world) when activated by color, light, sound or human energy. Just as our modern computers can receive or send information to other computers all over the world (the best example is Internet), so too can the Crystal Skulls send information amongst themselves. We believe, as the ancient legends describe, that the Crystal Skulls can and have been used for healing. Several of the caretakers of ancient crystal skulls (have received some profound healing by working with their own personal skulls) have received reports from various people who had improvements in their health. We of course need to do more scientific testing of this.

Based on reports and legends from various indigenous cultures, the crystal skulls have played a key role in these cultures development or have been viewed as a link to the Godhead, in whatever way this was represented to each of these tribes. We have also found a very strong link with extraterrestrials based on holographic images of "ETs" or spacecraft recorded in the skulls as well as discussed in some of the legends told by the people living in the areas where the skulls have been found. This leads us to believe that possibly beings from other worlds either brought these skulls to our world for some specific purposes (such as a tool to elevate consciousness and awareness of our spiritual origins) or gave to us the technology to make our own crystal skulls.

If the Crystal Skulls were not brought by extraterrestrials then based on their strange properties, the phenomena occurring in their precise and the very concise way they were were formed, could this be evidence for the existence of much more advanced civilizations existing in our past who possessed superior technology or were quite advanced spirituall?. We have worked with several spiritual channels who suggest that the crystal skulls were created in Atlantis or Lemuria. That the Crystal Skulls could have originally been a human bone skulls that were changed to crystal through the power of the mind. Another theory we have uncovered discussing that the crystal skulls are connected to people who live in the Inner Earth. This idea presents the theory that our earth is Hollow with a small central sun at its core and openings at the poles. Gravity, which is located at the center of the Earth's crust, 800 miles thick, hold objects and people to the inner or outer surface. Supposedly, 13 master Crystal Skulls hold the genetic coding of Twelve Inner Earth Tribes and the thirteenth or central skull represents the family of these tribes.

Golden Age

I personally feel that the Crystal Skulls are not only here to share ancient knowledge and wisdom, but to assist in awakening our race to higher spiritual laws and understanding of itself. They are announcing that many of the ancients tools are coming back now because the planet is ready to use them again in a harmonious way. The Crystal Skulls are a tangible sign that indeed a Golden Age is fast approaching our world, possibly arriving by the end of 2012. The crystal skulls are inwardly calling those individuals who have worked with them in past lifetimes so they can help the skull to become more fully activated which will help to connect humanity to our inner divinity and the actualization of higher universal knowledge


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